What is Internet? Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet| Detailed

Advantages and Disadvantages of the internet

Welcome to Edifyclue, In this blog you are going to read about what is the internet? Some advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet.

Every coin has two sides, Internet has also its Positive and Negative Sides. But I think Every Disadvantage will be controlled easily. How? Let’s Take a look at this, how to control excessive use of the internet.

But, Before going forward you should know about what is internet?

What Is Internet?

A Collection of computers and devices connected together via communications devices and media such as modems, cables, telephone lines, and satellites is called a network.

The Internet is the world’s largest network, Resources that add to the abundance of goods, services, and information accessible via the internet are provided by each of the networks on the Internet.

The Internet has truly revolutionized the means of communication. It touches the lives of everyone, It has enabled a common man to have fast and cheap communication with others. 

Internet is very useful for all, There are total 4.66 Billion active users worldwide, 59% of the total Populations. Of this, about 4.31 billion approximately 92% of users access the internet via Smartphones. ( See the Stats related to Internet users all over the world)

The internet provides a variety of services, World Wide Web (WWW) is one of the most widely accessed internet service all over the world.

In today’s technology-driven environment, an understanding of the Internet is essential for success.

Without the knowledge of the Internet, you are missing a tremendous resource for goods, services, information, and communications.

You can send messages to others, meet new friends, banking, invest, shop, fill prescriptions, file taxes, study, play a game, listen to music, or watch a movie through the Internet.

advantages and disadvantages of the internet

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet

As you also know that there are too many advantages and disadvantages of internet.

Today, the right use of the internet helps you to grow your personality, career, and much more.

On the other side, it totally destroys your career, your family relations, and you.

Now it totally depends on you how you want to use the internet. For your knowledge or time pass.

The Various advantages and disadvantages of internet are as follows-:

Advantages of Internet

Modes Of Communication

The Internet helps peoples to communicate easily with the help of some virtual platforms like E-mail, text messages, and video-conferencing anywhere in the world.

Email stands for Electronic mail, This is mostly used for professional communications. According to research total 320 Billion Emails sent & Received daily all over the world. Now you understand how important is this feature for us.

Also You have some more exiting features in E-mail like adding documents, PDFs, images, and Reports etc.

Text Messages are the oldest mode of communication between two persons. text messages sent to another person in few seconds, but with the internet, it sent in no time.

According to numbers, more than 200 thousand text messages sent per second and 7 trillion texts per year all over the world.

Video conferencing is the most exciting feature of the internet. It is a meeting between two or more geographically separated peoples who use a network or internet to transmit audio and video data.


The internet provides many ways of entertainment for you, watching movies and playing online games are some trending mediums of entertainment.

You can download any music or video with one click and watch as many times as you want.

Online movie watching at home rather than going to the cinema hall is going popular day by day because there are too many online platforms are available where you can watch new online movies and series by paying monthly fees.

The monthly cost is also reasonable looking at their original content.

There are too many platforms that provide online movies but According to me, Netflix is the market leader all over the world because of its 203.66 million Subscribers.

Online gaming becomes more popular in the past few years. There are total 310 Million users who play online games.

Now the market of online gaming is USD 21 billion Dollar which is increasing year by year.

Internet Changed the whole market segments all over the world.


E-Commerce is usually associated with buying and selling over the internet, or conducting any transactions involving the transfer of ownership or rights to use goods or services through a computer-mediated network.

E-Commerce gives people complete freedom from the barriers of time or distance. A single click of a mouse at any time can purchase or sell anything.

In the year 2020, over 2 Billion peoples purchased goods and services online. The E-retail business also surpasses 4.2 Trillion US Dollars worldwide.


Digital Payments/ E-Banking

E-Banking means any user with a pc or a smartphone can get connected to a bank website to perform any of the virtual banking functions.

Digital payments and E-Banking made easy with the help of the internet, Now you can easily transfer money from anywhere with the help of NEFT, UPI, Internet Banking, etc.

You don’t need to go bank for your statements or balance inquiry. Now you can open your bank account online easily by giving your details to your bank.

Unlimited Information

You can find endless information on the internet regarding any topic such as finance, business, trade, and much-related information easily.

We use search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, for search anything over the internet.

Peoples also share their real-life experiences on some discussion forum websites like Quora.

Also, you can ask questions regarding any topic and you will get your answers from anyone who knows about that topic.

Social Networking

An internet service helps you to connect with peoples who share similar personal or professional Intrests.

You can make friends that will help you sometimes and also talk to you when you need of them.

The main purpose of using social networking sites is to keep track of what going on in their lives of friends, family especially the people with whom you do not meet daily.

It helps us to keep in touch with them who are not with us or live in other states or country. It also helps us to expand our friend circle and also business contacts.

Some examples of social networking sites are Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc.

3.78 billion peoples use social media on daily basis worldwide, And this is about 47-48% of the total world population. The average time spent by those users is 2.5 hours daily. (Oberlo)

E- Learning

The Ed Tech segment grows rapidly over the last few years, that will increase the number of peoples who prefer online learning in place of going regularly to take classes.

This will give flexibility to learners to learn at their time or when they get free from their job or other things.

E-learning market will reach revenue of around 388 Billion Dollar by 2026 Globally.

They Provide information in form of Courses, With PDFs Study material, and also they give assignments to the learners.

Online Earning Made Easy

Internet comes with a lot of opportunities to earn a little amount or make it big, it totally depends on you how you will make the strategy to earn online.

Blogging, Freelancing, Youtuber, Influencer are some most popular ways to earn big with the help of internet.

You can also make your E-commerce store where you can sell your products directly to B2B or B2C there are too many ways to earn online.

Find Jobs

You will also get your dream job by making a profile of your qualification, career achievements, hobbies, on some platforms like Naukri.com, Linkedin, Google jobs, and many others.

Now You don’t need to go to offices to know about their vacancies, you just only need to post your qualification and title of the job, companies will find you and give you the job.

Online Advertising/Digital Marketing

If you own any business and need to market your business to get in front of people’s eyes, you don’t, need to hire a Marketing agency to show your ads, on televisions, radio shows, Billboards, etc.

Now you can market your business by yourself by using some advertising platforms like Google ads, Facebook ads, Linkedin ads, and many other resources.

It will costs lower than physical billboards or television advertising and also give you exactly the same or even better results.

News on the Go

Getting the news of your residential area, office area, over the city, or a world made very easy.

You only need a smartphone with an internet connection that’s all, now you will get the latest news according to your interests.

E-newspaper, News websites, news channels are present on all social channels and their own platforms. Now it becomes easy to read any kind of news with few clicks on your smartphone.

Disadvantages of Internet

Misleading Information

There is a lot of information available on the internet in the form of blogs, video content, free courses, and etc.

But on the other side it also contains some misleading information that sometimes becomes serious problems.

So if you search for anything please double-check any information you have taken from the internet.


There is a lot of entertainment available on the internet and this is a serious problem, because now children get addicted to social media, and neglect their studies.

Watching movies, chatting with friends, playing games all day will lose their concentration towards study.

Even adults now get addicted to social media and forget about their important work.

How to get rid of Internet Addiction

  • Limit time limitation daily 1-2 hours.
  • Take regular breaks after 30 minutes.
  • Control yourself by blocking the notifications of social platforms.
  • Play physical sports Regularly for 1-2 hours.

Social Isolation

Today no one wants to go outside and play physical sports with their children and friends.

The Internet made our life easier but there is also some issue with that.

We spend less time with our friend and families.

Students became expert in social media chatting but lose their confidence when they meet someone physically.

Too much Dependency

Wherever we face an issue with our life and business we don’t solve them by own, we go to the internet and search about problems then the answer comes without any problem.

Now who wants to use their mind for any solution.

Students go to the internet and copy their homework without doing any hard work. This is not the right way to use the internet.

Too much dependency on the internet is a serious problem. students should use their minds to tackle any situation but they use shortcuts.

Cyber Crime And Fraud

Disadvantages of internet

Internet is a place where no one’s data is safe, a large amount of data is available on the web freely, anyone who knows how to hack any system can hack your account and access your all data (mobile no, email, bank details, etc).

Even market leader have to face this problem sometimes.

Cases related to bank frauds also increased year by year, In 2019 there are 2000 cases filed against bank frauds in India, And there are some cases that haven’t filed.

So stay safe on the internet, don’t give your personal details to any websites or any other platforms.

How to stay safe form cyber crime and fraud

  • Don’t share your bank details on any websites.
  • Install trusted antivirus software.
  • Make strong Passwords.
  • Don’t use autofill passwords.
  • Stay safe from spam Messages and Links (Avoid Clicks).


Unwanted Social platform notifications distract you easily from your work so, it is important to turn off all unwanted notification sites before focusing on any work.

That will help you to stay focus on your work.

Trolling And Bullying

Social platforms give us the freedom and power to present our views on anything in front of politicians, leaders, stars, sportspersons, and normal persons.

But some peoples misuse their power to troll and bully anyone if they don’t like anything about him/her, No matter who you are they troll everyone.

Mental Health Problems

Using the more internet can cause depression and anxiety and other major mental health issues as well as physical health issues like eye pain, neck pain.

So you should definitely limit your internet use immediately to protect yourself from mental and physical health issue.

Unsafe for Children and Students

Limit you daily screen and internet using time because it can ruin your child creativity, focusing power, and also cause health issue.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued these guidelines for screen time.

Babies up to 18 Months:- No screen time, exception on video chat with family and friends but in limit.

18-24 Months:- Some screen time in guidence of parents or any adults.

2 to 5 year:- Not more than 1 hour day for educational programming with parents.

5 to 18 years:- Parents should make a limit for their children, in consist with all screen usage like Television, smartphones, computers.

Also, teach them to play physical sports or hang out with them weekly or daily outside to protect your children from excessive internet and screen use.


Internet is amazing, it changed the whole market by digitalizing, you can do all things, like chatting, business meetings, shopping, learning, and so many things.

But it also causes some problems like, addiction, cybercrime, social isolation, etc. but there are also some techniques that can help us to limit excessive internet use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the World Wide Web (WWW)?

WWW is a vast collection of web pages that can be easily published on the internet and read by millions of users. Without Internet connection you can’t access world wide web.

What is Website? Short Answer

A collection of web pages created on internet is called web site.

Advantages of E- Mail.

Easy to use
Informal & Conversational
Environment Friendly than paper letters
Advertising tool

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