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Today, you are going to read about the topic of benefits of ICT in different sectors like education, communication, healthcare, business, governance, banking, And Society.

ICT is a short form that stands for Information Communication Technology. A good way to think about ICT is all the equipment and methods used by people to handle information.

ICT includes any product that will store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit, or receive information electronically in a digital form. For example, Computers, digital T.V, E-mails, and many more.

Abacus and the printing press are examples of ICT, the term usually refers to modern technology based on electronics.

ICT combines the technology of computing and telecommunications so that a large amount of data can be stored and transmitted.

Televisions, computers, satellites, and telephones are just some of the types of equipment used in ICT.

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Benefits of ICT

ICT is so important in the world today that it makes it necessary for every person to be competent in the use of ICT for the tasks they have to accomplish. Some advantages of ICT include:


In any society, the potential for increasing access to and improving the relevance and quality of education through ICT.

Educators have the ability and courage to make a positive contribution. making such a contribution is a challenge and teachers must happily exploit new techniques and learning opportunities.

Today, most schools and higher educational institutions have computers in the classrooms for teachers and students. Technology can support learning in many ways, for example-

A motivational teacher has found that using modern computer technologies can capture and hold student’s attention.

A computer can also provide many, effective, and powerful opportunities for teaching and learning skills. These are skill-building practice and linking learners to institutional resources.

Benefits of ICT


With the help of ICT, Communication has become cheaper, quicker, and more efficient. earlier, only large computers had communication capabilities. Today, even the smallest computers and devices can able communicate with each other.

Today computers are capable of exchanging information with the help of the internet. You can send messages through the computer to your friend easily.

Students easily submit their homework or assignment easily through using the technologies of ICT.

Cost-effectiveness: ICT has helped to make computerize the business process thus streamlining businesses to make them cost-effective money-making machines.


The ICT revolution is having huge effects on the pharmaceutical industry and on the delivery of health services.

ICT benefits to the patient: A complete medical history of patients. and updated easily through online access, patients freed from taking prescriptions for hospitals for further treatment. Also, online medical advice can be taken easily means you don’t have to go to the hospital.

ICT benefits to the doctor: To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the antiquated healthcare system. doctors would be able to access complete patient records through they did not create them. The system will save doctors time overall, the use of health care has clear benefits.


ICT has replaced the traditional modes of businesses with innovative technologies. This has boosted the performance of business enormously and saw the emergence of new business innovation in many areas.

The use of ICT applications like a spreadsheet, database software, word processor, accounting software, statistical analysis software, and CAD enable businesses to carry out their functions more effectively in the place of work.

The use of email messaging service and instant messaging (IM) and electronic conferencing has enhanced uninterrupted business interaction and communications for businesses with multiple offices.

A major advantage of information technology to business is E-commerce. This helps in boosting the economy. It makes buying and selling activities easier, more efficient, and fast.

Benefits of ICT


ICT also affects government by improving responsiveness, increasing efficiency, and enhancing governance practices. government can encourage the diffusion of ICT through their supply of online services and their own use of technologies.

The internet gives governments the opportunity to offer public services plans and to give information and policies related information more efficiently.

The more public services can be delivered through electronic media such as the internet, the larger the potential savings. Processing documents, such as licenses, or collecting taxes electronically are examples of such possibilities.


The computer is called the nerve center of all the banking systems all over the world. Computers can control the entire banking system that also includes “Electronic banking services”. Electronic banking provides 24 hours services, the services are:

  • Automated teller machine(ATM)
  • Electronic fund transfer
  • Pay by phone system
  • Cheque deposit
  • Direct deposit
  • Internet banking
Benefits of ICT

Impact And Benefits of ICT On Society

The impact of ICT on society seems to have been a global change which has an impact as large as that since the birth of the telephones by alexander graham bell the (inventor of the telephone).

Faster communication speed: In the past, it took long time to get any information or news to be send or to be known. Now with the internet all this became possible to share with everyone with no more time.

Low communication cost: Using the internet is cost-effective than other modes of communication such as telephone, or courier services. It allows peoples to have access to a large amount of data at a very low cost.

Sharing of information: with the technological advancement of ICT, information can be easily shared by people all over the world. people can share or exchange opinions, news, and information through discussion groups, mailing lists, and forums on the internet.

Career opportunities in IT

Nowadays, the computer industry is one of the larger worldwide industries. the industry has created thousands of high tech jobs, even in companies whose primary business is not computer related.

Job availability in the computer industry generally are available in one or more of these sectors:

  • General business and their IT departments
  • Common equipment field
  • Computer software field
  • Computer service and repair field
  • IT consulting
  • Computer sales
  • Computer education and training field
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ICT helps us in many sectors to ease our work, related to any sector.

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