Best WordPress Plugins for all WordPress Website

Why do all content creators use WordPress, the reason is very simple, by using plugins you can automate your site and you can also create an advanced users experience.

Plugins are made to help you in different kinds like SEO, Image optimization, connect easily with social accounts, enhanced your user experience, monitor your site performance within the dashboard, find flaws in your site, and many more.

Most importantly, most plugins are free for use and don’t have to pay anything.

If you don’t know to program, plugins help you a lot to make your site more user-friendly and attractive.

Here in this article, you will read about the best WordPress plugins for beginners and as well as for professionals that help you to grow your site.

Best Free WordPress Plugins We Use

All are free and you can easily install them with one or two clicks.

Most of the plugins also have their premium plans but according to me free plans are also useful and I don’t recommend you to purchase their premium plan.

JetPack-Akismet Anti Spam

Jetpack-Akismet Anti Spam is a WordPress security plugin that protects your website from spam and malicious comments and also protects your site from invalid login attempts.

You can easily check the analytics of your website as well as your spam comments and invalid login attempts in your site dashboard.

Security is the basic need for any site, and when it comes for free it’s just amazing. You have to connect your site with to use this plugin.


A free website backup plugin that can save your 100$ per month.

It offers a free plan for your website backup, where you will get all types of backups like database, themes, plugins, and others.

Their free doesn’t include automatic backup so you have to take backups of your site daily or weekly according to your preference manually.

If you just started your WordPress journey it is better to stick with their free plan in case you don’t have a big website that consists of 100s of blog posts or images.

W3Total Cache

A must-have plugin for caching, W3Total Cache is the best free caching plugin you can use on your site.

You can easily integrate it with your CDN provider to increase your website speed.

But if you have money to invest then no doubt you can go with WP Rocket because this is considered the best caching plugin for WordPress sites.

AdInserter/ Ads for AMP

If you have the approval of any ad network like Google Adsense then you can use this plugin for the ads placement in your blogs posts.

If you are getting tired of pasting AdSense code in your post then this plugin is for you, you can easily paste AdSense code in your all blogs posts with single code pasting.

It supports all formats and now you can also paste your ad codes to AMP sites without any hard work.

This plugin is absolutely free you can paste your ads according to your content format, instead of manual insertion of ad codes you can use this.

Site Kit By Google

This plugin is itself made by google to connect your all google apps in one place.

You can use this plugin to connect your Search Console, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Google Adsense, and also you can get page speed insights in your WordPress dashboard.

There is no need to install 4 different plugins to get all details from these websites. You only need the Site Kit plugin to get all details in one place.

This is made by Google so you can trust this plugin and also it is completely free to use.

You can also say this is the one-stop solution for your website when you need to get your site performance and site earnings in one place.

Best WordPress Plugin For SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Yoast SEO

Seo is most important for bloggers to get ranking in google search results, it means you have to optimize your content around a specific keyword to get ranking in search results.

that’s why SEO plugins are introduced, it helps us to optimize our content by focusing on a specific keyword you will get results.

It helps you to find pros and cons in your content and gives you some optimization solutions.

Yoast plugin is the most popular SEO plugin you can use to optimize your content

Rank Math

Rank math is another SEO plugin you can use to optimize your content and get results.

You can easily choose between both according to your preference and interest.

Rank Math has some advanced features you can’t get in Yoast, so now rank math slightly getting an advantage in this category.

It also has google analytics integration, and easy setup wizard, multiple keyword targeting, and many more.

Which is better? Yoast or Rank Math?

According to me If you are looking for Only an SEO plugin that helps you to optimize your content then you can go with Yoast plugin without any doubt.

Yoast has the best recommendation in front of Rank Math, Yoast has some basic and powerful content optimization techniques.

You can also get readability suggestions which you can’t get in Rank Math.

Where Rank Math has some other features like Analytics, rank tracker, multiple focus keywords, enhanced FAQ schema, and much more but in SEO terms I didn’t get satisfied looking at their algorithms.

Sometimes it recommends you to over-optimize your content by adding more focus keywords that’s not a good recommendation.

In the end, if you only looking for an SEO plugin go with Yoast but if you also need some other features go with Rank Math.

Best WordPress Plugin for image Optimization

Here is the recommendation of the 2 best WordPress plugins for image optimization:

Smush image optimizer

This is the best free image optimization plugin you can use, it gives unlimited image optimization in their free plan.

Image optimization is an important aspect of website speed, if your images are high in size it will affect your server which causes low site speed, this is why an image optimizer plugin is needed.

If you don’t have money to spend go with this plugin it is a decent plugin for free but if you asking my choice, I will recommend you ShortPixel Image Optimer.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

This is the Freemium plugin which gives you 100 free images optimization monthly after that you have to upgrade your quota.

This is an amazing plugin that contains some advanced features like PNG to Jpeg, jpeg to Webp, and Avif formats which is the best option for image optimization.

You will get a total of 10000 images optimation for 10$ without any daily or monthly cap, which is also a good option if you want to optimize your images.

Some other WordPress Plugins

Header, Footer, and Post Injections

Header, Footer, and Post Injections is a plugin you can use to add HTML codes to your site without making changes to your actual WordPress theme.

If you are not an expert and find it difficult to make changes to your site’s main editor then it is very helpful for you.

You can easily paste codes like, google tag manager, GA4 analytics code, or some other temporary HTML codes.

Easy Table of Contents

Easy table of content is a plugin that easily creates a table of contents for a website. you can customize it according to your needs.

You can add headings according to your preference that is helpful for readers who come to your site.

This plugin is helpful when you write long content (2500 to 5000 words or more) and gives a specific URL to all main headings within one page.

It is helpful for the readers to find the direct paragraph they need.

TinyMCE Advanced

To make a better editor experience and some different font styles and a few other additional features you can use free.

It has some extra block editors that help to customize your content according to your needs.

It doesn’t have any advanced features, this is a decent plugin you can use if you want to add some extra features to your site.


Here is the list of Best WordPress plugins you can use on your website to enhance your user experience and add some advanced features.

Plugins are some important tools you can use easily by installing them.

There are more than 50,000+ plugins are available for different kinds of works you can use, and most of them are free for use.

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