ARP Protocol-Address Resolution Protocol, 4-Types, Working, Advantages

Today we will tell you about What is ARP Protocol in this blog and how many types are there and will also know the working and message format. What isĀ ARP Protocol? The full name of this protocol is ARP (Address Resolution Protocol). This protocol is also known as communication protocol which is used to find … Read more

Telnet Protocol-Terminal Network, 6 Advantages, Disadvantages

The full name of Telnet protocol is Terminal Network Protocol. Terminal Network protocol is a network protocol used to connect computers remotely to the Internet or Local Area Network. What is Telnet Protocol? In other words, “Terminal Network protocol is a client-server protocol”.With the help of which we can remotely access any other computer from … Read more

IMAP-Internet Message Access Protocol, Advantages, Disadvantages, History, 5 Characteristics

IMAP is an email protocol that allows any user to access a mail server’s e-mail from their personal computer. It allows you to view the data contained in any email and make some changes to it without downloading it. It provides the facility to customize the mail server in different folders as per the requirement … Read more

FTP-File Transfer Protocol, History, 5-Advantages, Disadvantages

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POP3 (Post Office Protocol), Advantages, Disadvantages

Must have used some sort of software “client” (such as Outlook) to access your email To receive an email, this email client requires Post Office Protocol (POP3) and an SMTP configuration to send the email before the message can be downloaded from the server. So by reading this blog today you will understand what is … Read more

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), Advantages, How it Works, 5 Commands

If you want to know about simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP), then read this blog completely, you will get detailed information about Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. As you may know that on the Internet or a LAN network, two computers use network protocols to communicate and share information. That is, computers have a system to … Read more

UDP-User Datagram Protocol | Pros and Cons, and Need

In this blog, we will tell what UDP is and the advantages and disadvantages of this protocol. If you read it completely, you will understand easily. So let’s start reading:- User Datagram Protocol UDP is a protocol whose full name is User Datagram Protocol. This protocol was designed by David P Reed in 1980. It … Read more

What is Server | 7 Types of Server | How Server Work

What is Server? A server is a computer program or device. which provides data to another computer. It can provide systems for data on a local area network (LAN) or over a local area network (WAN) over the Internet. We can also consider the parts of a computer on a network that manage network resources. … Read more