Network Topology In Computer Network | 6-Types of topologies

Network topology in computer network

Topology The term Network Topology in computer network refers to the means a network is set out, either physically or logically. Two or a lot of network devices are connected with 2 or a lot of links type a topology. The Topology is the geometric illustration of the link of all the links and linking … Read more

Types of Network|Different Types of Computer Network

Types of Computer Network In a computer network, computers and other network devices are connected to each other based on the size of their network. Which share each other’s data, information, and resources, and maintain communication. The types of Computer network can be easily understood by the diagram given below.It is mainly of four types. … Read more

OSI model layers | 7 Types of OSI Model | Edifyclue

The international standard organization (ISO) is a multinational body dedicated to a worldwide agreement on international standards. An ISO standard that covers all aspects of network communications is the Open Systems Interconnection OSI model layers. An open system may be a model that permits any two different systems to speak no matter their underlying architecture. … Read more