Types of Scanner- Uses, Invention, Advantages/Disadvantages

Types of scanner

In this article, you are going to read about what is scanning device?, Types of Scanner, for what kind of work this device has been used, advantages, disadvantages, etc. Before the invention of scanning devices, it is very hard to convert Physical data or documents (hard copy) into digital documents (soft copy), but after the … Read more

Types of Mouse in Computer- Uses, Functions, Pros and Cons

These days everyone is aware of this device and types of mouse in computer, now look at those features, uses types and much other information about this. This is a pointing device as well as an Input device that fits comfortably under the palm of your hand. This is the most widely used pointing device … Read more

7 Types of Printers in Computer – Advantages/Disadvantages

Types of Printers in Computer

Types of Printer: Introduction A printer is an output device. It prints text and graphics on paper. Printed information, which exists physically is called a hard copy. There are too many different types of printers in computer that are used, some of the most common are Inkjet, dot matrix and etc. This is a device … Read more

What is the CPU? | 6 Main Functions of CPU In A Computer

Introduction In this blog, you are going to read about CPU (central processing unit) functions of CPU in a computer, components of CPU, and many other details. let’s start with a basic concept, What is the Central Processing Unit (CPU)? CPU is the part of a computer that is known as the Brain of the … Read more

Types of RAM and ROM | Definition- 8 Types Of DRAM| Detailed

Types of RAM and ROM Different Types of RAM and ROM and what makes the difference in both memory types. Firstly you are going to read about what is Ram and Rom? Random-access memory and Read-only memory are both is a memory used in the computer system known as computer memory. It only stores real-time … Read more

6 Main Parts of Computer And Their Functions- Edifyclue

parts of computer and their functions

Parts of Computer Introduction  Hello Friends, welcome to our website and today we are going to know about Parts of Computer And Their Functions, means for making a computer there are too many hardware components are used, and today you know about those hardware parts. A computer system is made up of four components: Hardware … Read more

Input device and Output device of Computer – Explained


Input device and Output device of Computer Firstly you should know about what is input and output devices and the answer is, you already know that computers help us to communicate with the outside world. Same as input and output devices are required for users to communicate with the computer. In simple words, Input devices … Read more

Types Of Primary Storage Devices- Primary V/s Secondary | Edifyclue

Primary Storage devices V/s Secondary Storage devices Introduction Hello Friends, welcome to our page and on this page, you are going to read about the Types of Primary storage devices and the types of Secondary storage devices, their types, and some other details about them. Types of Primary Storage devices V/s Types of Secondary storage … Read more