5 Components of Data Communication

In this blog, we are going to know about the components of data communication, Top 5 components.

Need to study components of data communication

Many peoples think why we need to study this, but they don’t know, this is very helpful in the future because now everything is connected with each other your PC, laptop, smartphone, etc.

All devices are connected with each other that is why we need to study data communications and their components. In the next Paragraphs, you read about this in detail.

when cartoonists and disk jockeys are giving out their email addresses to fans, it is a sign of the increasing interconnectivity that defines the way we communicate with the people and institutes of interest to us.

The internet and the world wide web are pointing to the real possibility of collaborations on a global scale.

The network is changing the way we do business and the way we live. Business decisions have to be made ever more quickly, and the decision-makers require immediate access to accurate information.

But before we ask how quickly we can get hooked up, we need to know how networks operate, what types of technology are available, and which design best fills which set of needs. When a company adds a new division, the technology has to be flexible enough to reflect changing configurations.

It is a particular design robust enough to handle the growing understanding of what it does and when to use each type of technology is essential to providing the right system in today’s dynamically changing information environment.

Topology in networking– In case you need something more.

Data communication and its components

Once we communicate we are sharing information. This sharing can be local or remote. Local communication usually faces facing while remote communication takes place over distance.

The term telecommunication which incorporates telephony, telegraphy, and tv, means communication at a distance.

The word data refers to facts, concepts, and directions presented in whatever form is prescribed by the parties creating and using data.

In the context of the computer information system, data are represented by binary information unit (orbits) produced and consumed in the form of 0s and 1s.

Components of data communication

This is the exchange of knowledge between two devices via some sort of transmission medium (such as a wire cable).

This is considered local if the communicating devices in the same building or a similarly restricted geographical area, and is considered remote if the devices are farther apart.

The data communicating devices must be a part of a communication system made up of a combination of hardware and software. Data communication system depends on three fundamental characteristics.

  • Delivery – The computer must deliver data to the correct destination. data must be received by the intended devices or users and only by that devices or users.
  • Accuracy – The computer must deliver data accurately. Data that are altered in transmission and left uncorrected are unusable.
  • Timeliness – The computer must deliver data in a timely manner. Data delivered late is useless. In the case of video, audio, and voice data, timely delivery means delivering data as they’re produced, within the same order that they’ve produced, and without significant delay.

This kind of delivery is called real-time transmission.

5 Components of Data communication

There are 5 components of Data communication that plays a very important role, those components are-

  1. Message – The message is that the information (data) to be communicated. It contains text, numbers, pictures, sound or videos, or any combination of those.
  2. Sender – The sender may be a device that sends data messages to us, like computers, workstations, telephone handsets, video cameras, and so on.3
  3. . Receiver – The receiver may be a device that receives data messages from us, like a computer, workstation, telephone handset, television, and so on.
  4. Medium – The transmission medium is that the physical path by which a message travels from sender to receiver. It contains a twisted pair cable, coax or radio waves, etc.
  5. Protocol – It represents an agreement between the communicating devices. Without the protocol, two devices could also be connected but not communicating.


Data transfer between two computers with the help of wire is called DC. The data should be in the form of a bit. this plays an important role in data transfer and transfers the data very easily from one network to another this is why data communication plays an important role in future technology.

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