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In simple and short words, Softwares play a vital role in computer systems by creating a bridge between computer hardware and computer user.

Software is the mediator that connects the user with computer hardware.

You can say Hardware’s are the physical parts of a computer system and can be used in the system and by the computer users, for example- CPU (central processing unit).

Difference Between Computer Hardware and Software

Computer Software

We are already aware that computers need instructions to carry out the tasks, and they cannot perform themselves without any instructions.

When instructions are given to computers in a manner that computers can understand them and execute those instructions accordingly.

Such instructions to carry out certain tasks or tasks that are predesigned when made available in a computer-readable format are called programs. Such programs are called computer software.

These softwares can be stored in secondary storage devices such as (hard disks, cd-rom, etc) and make use of them as and when required.

Software is a set of programs that can be stored on a medium that is used to get the job done.

It plays an important and crucial role in all computer systems by creating a connection or bridge between the user and computer hardware.

The software needs to be checked before being used. There are some terms that are used for the process of accessing software including starting, executing, running, opening, and others.

Computer Hardware

Let’s understand this in easy language, Hardware is the physical and touchable parts of a computer means you can touch those components.

Internal hardware parts of a computer are known as components and external hardware parts of a computer called peripherals both of them are known as computer hardware.

In both PCs or desktop computers, the components of hardware are the same but there is a big difference in the size of the hardware.

Computers can only operate or start when both software and hardware are present and work together in the system, there is no chance to start a computer only with software or hardware.

You can enter the operating system by using operating software where hardware helps the operating software to perform fast and easily.

Types of Computer Software

Types of Software- Computer hardware and software

System Software

The system software is a collection of programs designed to operate the computer and control it.

System software performs the basic functions to start and operate the hardware components of the computer system.

They instruct the computer on how to operate its peripherals. In other words, system software deals with running the computer system or making it work.

There are two types of system software.

  • Operating system- An operating system or OS is a software program that deals with the functioning of the computer and its peripherals. It is the core software component of your computer. It is an interface between your computer and outside the world.
  • Utility Software- Utility programs are mainly intended as a helping aid and is provided by the computer manufacturer. These programs are also known as service programs. Such programs are available for call up by the operating system. It performs a specific task, usually related to managing a computer, its devices, or programs. It helps to manage the computer hardware and application software.

Application Software

The program that performs specific tasks for the users are known as application software or applications, Application Software has varied functional usages-

  • Application Software is a productivity business tool.
  • They assist in graphic communication tools.
  • It supports household activities and personal and educational programs.
  • It facilitates communication tools.

Application software is the main type of computer software. This software is used to edit text, graphics, and utilizes the capabilities of a computer for the completion of tasks.

Programming Software

This is commonly known and popularly used computer software. This software comes in the form of tools that helps all the programmer in writing programs for computers.

This is the sets of logical instructions that make a computer system perform certain tasks.

This is the tools that help programmers in instructing a computer system including a text editor, compilers, and interpreters.

Compilers translate source code written in programming languages into a language that a computer understands.

Compilers generate objects which are combined and changed into executable programs through linkers.

Debuggers are used to check code for bugs and debug it. This source code is partially or fully simulated for the debugging tool to run on it and remove bugs if any.

Interpreters execute programs, They execute the source code or a precompiled code and translate source code into an intermediate language before execution.

Functions of computer software

The main role of computer software is used to operate and manage the hardware resources of a computer. Some of the basic functions of the software are;

  • The software can make the computer to compare data, make logical decisions, do mathematical calculations, store and retrieve data and instructions from primary or secondary, and carry-out sequences of tasks.
  • The software enables computer users to obtain what they need from the computer.
  • Softwares make the computer to work towards giving the outputs in the manner the user wants it, such as output on a screen, printouts, sounds, sending emails, etc.
  • Some software is used to translate the program written in different or secondary languages into machine languages. These software are called ‘compilers’ or ‘interpreters’.
  • Compilers are the collection of large programs. It changes the high-level language into machine language.
  • Interpreters are the programs that are never compiled but their instructions are taken one by one.

Examples of Computer Software

What are the 4 types of software?

  • Operating software- DOS, UNIX, Microsoft Windows OS, Apple IOS and Apple macOS, Google Android OS, and Linux Operating software are examples of leading Operating software in the World.
  • Utility Software- File manager, disk cleaner, uninstaller, screen saver, file compression, virus scanner, and disk defragment are examples of utility software.
  • Application Software- Word processing software, spreadsheet, database, presentation graphics, accounting software, computer-aided design (CAD) software, video, and audio editing software, and many more these types of software are examples of application software.
  • Programming Software- JAVA, PHP, Notepad++, Visual Studio, Flosum, and UltraEdit are some examples of programming software.
computer software Example, mobile applications

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Software

There are too many software are available in the market for our ease, also in all sectors like Education, healthcare, home, finance, restaurant, railways, government, airlines and etc.


  • Software Increase Productivity
  • Analysis made easy
  • More accurate than the manual workforce
  • Less workload on the Human workforce
  • Increase consumer experience
  • Easy data handling
  • Calculation of large numbers made Easy
  • It reduces the cost of manual labor

Softwares are introduced to reduce the manual workforce. All software is made for their specific use. Benefits introduced by the software may be different for some sectors, it only depends on the type of work.

There are some disadvantages takes place in the market by using the computer software.

  • Softwares are expensive and need monthly updates.
  • Before being an expert you have to learn it and this takes 6-12 months for being the perfect touch on that software.
  • High-end software need high performing Laptops or computers
  • It also introduced some problems that are harmful to the computer and the data stored in it. (Computer Virus)
  • The data stored in computer software is likely to be theft easily by Hacking.

As always there are two sides of every coin, same as Computers software have also some advantages and disadvantages.

In this article about Computer hardware and software, we covered Software, and next, you are going to read about Hardware, Types, Functions, examples, advantages, and disadvantages.

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Types And Examples of Computer Hardware

Let’s Understand-Explain hardware and software with examples

As mentioned above hardware are the physical and touchable parts of a computer system.

Input Device- Any instruction or data entered into the computer is known as the input, same as the devices we used to input data in computer are called Input devices. Too many techniques are used to enter data into any computer system.

  • Examples of Input devices- Mouse, keyboards, scanners, joystick, digital web camera, touch screen, light pen and, etc, are a few examples of input device.

Output Device When the data has been processed into a useful form is called output, the same as the devices are used to process the data from the computer are called Output devices.

  • Examples of Output devices– Display devices, printers, plotters, speakers, headphones, etc.

Storage Devices- The devices used by a computer user to store any type of digital data are called storage devices. Most of the time you don’t have to purchase a storage device while purchasing a laptop or computer Because the manufacturers already attached an HDD or SSD with the CPU of your system.

  • Examples of Storage devices- HDD (hard disk drive), optical discs, flash drive, memory card, Cloud storage, pen drive, etc.

Internal Components- Internal components are those devices that are present in the central processing unit.

  • Examples are Control unit, memory unit, and Arithmetic logic unit.
Computer hardware example

Functions of Computer Hardware

There are some functions of some hardware devices you should definitely know about them.

  • Monitor (display device)- This computer hardware is used to show the data that you have entered into the system
  • CPU- The CPU is called the brain of computers, and the brain controls all the system units attached to the computer.
  • Mouse- The mouse is a pointing device used to select the options displayed on the monitor.
  • Keyboard- The keyboard is used to enter the data in form of text.

Comparison Between Hardware and Software

Computer Hardware

  1. Hardware has 4 types
  • Input device
  • Output device
  • Storage device
  • Internal components

2. Hardware is physical, so it can be touched and easily replaced by others after damage.

3. Not infected by any kind of virus.

4. Manufactured in companies.

5. You can not carry this in your pocket.

6. Examples are- CPU, LCD, Keyboard, Hard disks, etc.

Computer Software

  1. The software has 3 types
  • System software
  • Application software
  • Programming Software

2. Software is a program and not physically available but you can be seen easily.

3. You have to protect this from virus attacks.

4. Made by software developers.

5. You can easily carry this in your pocket.

6. Examples are- Operating software, anti-virus software, etc.

The invention of software and Hardware

Computer software- The theory of computer software is introduced by Alan turning in 1935 after that Charles Babbage the “Father of Computer” introduced the first programmable computer to the world in the 19th century. Wikipedia

Computer Hardware- In the beginning, the inventors introduced hardware like, vacuum tubes, transistors, IC (integrated circuits), etc. these are the first hardware of computers.

There is no use of mice and keyboards at the time of 1960.

Availability of Softwares In Different Forms

  • Packaged software: This is copyrighted retail software that is available in retail stores or through the official websites of a company.
  • Custom software: If you can’t find the software you want, software development companies can custom design software for you.
  • Web application: A web application is a site that allows users to access and use the software for their personal or organizational work. examples- email, etc.
  • Open-source software: This is provided for use, modification, and redistribution. These software are downloaded from the internet at no cost. Example- Google play store apps, etc.
  • Shareware: This is copyrighted software that is distributed at no cost only for trial use, you have to pay after the trial period is over. example- Microsoft office (if you download ms-office from the Microsoft website they give a one-month free trial after that you have to pay for it yearly or monthly).
  • Freeware: Freeware is the software that is available to use for free of cost without any limitations. Example- Some of the google software is freeware.
  • Public-domain software: This is for public use and has no copyright restrictions. Example- Linux.
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This is full information about computer hardware and software. If you think something is missing then comment below.

What is the most important software in Computer?

Operating software is the software that helps you to enter into the system and do your work.

What are the needs for Software?

Softwares are invented to ease your work within different sectors.
Tally in Accounting
Excel in Data Entry
Some website building software like WordPress
Graphics software, and many more.

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