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What is a Website?

In this post you are going to read about What is a website?, What is Web Page, Difference between Website and WebPage, Needs of Websites and Web pages.

A Collection of Web Pages created on the internet is called a Website. The information on the web is divided into websites.

The different websites are created and maintained by different colleges, universities, government agencies, companies, organizations, and individuals.

How to Access a web Site On the Internet?

  • Make sure your system has connected to the internet
  • Click and open any Web Browser
  • Type in the website address you wish to visit

What is a Web Page?

The internet or Web consists of a worldwide collection of electronic documents. Each of these electronic documents on the web is called a webpage.

A web page can contain text, graphics, sound, and video, as well as built-in collections to other documents. All Web Page has its own unique address, called a Uniform Resource Locator (URL).

Difference between Website and Webpage

In simple words, you can say, a Web page is a single page available on the internet whereas, a website is a collection of multiple Web Pages in one place.

Let’s see the 5 Difference between Website and WebPage:

WebsiteWeb Page
This is a collection of web pages, and you can access these pages using a Uniform Resource Locator (URL).A single or Individual page of a website is known as a Web Page. This is a part of the website.
It is hard and time-consuming to create a website with multiple web pages.It is easy to create a single web page.
It shows all the online content that presents on the website.It only shows a single page of content, whether it will be a contact page or a single information page.
Examples – Flipkart, Amazon, and many other big websites.Examples – Contact page, Login page, Application form Page, Registration page and etc.
It takes time to load the full website.It takes few seconds to load a single Web Page.
Difference between Website and WebPage

What Is Web Server?

Web server is software and hardware that uses HTTP stands for Hypertext transfer protocol or other protocols that respond when a request from made on WWW (World Wide Web).

This is a communication standard that enables pages to transfer on the web. Web browsers are typically set to HTTP or HTTPS protocol, for example when you type www.edifyclue.in on any browser, the browser redirects to https//www.edifyclue.in.

In simple terms, Web servers are used to store the data present on the web page or website, such as text, images, videos. This means it stores the content of a web page or website and delivers when a user requests.

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Security on the Web

Security systems are almost unbreakable are created y secure web pages with the help of web Browsers. When some information is sent over the net, it may pass through various computers before reaching its destination.

If you are not connected to a secure web page, other people on the internet may be able to view the information you transfer.

How to check Whether a website is secure or not?

HTTPS over HTTP appears at the start of the address of a secure web page. This means if a website URL starts with HTTPS then it means the website is safe if not then the website is not safe.

The Web browser usually display a lock or key on the screen if it is a secure web page.

Sometimes the web browser will usually display a dialog box that alerts you to the fact that you are viewing a web page that is completely secure.

Difference between website and webpage

Need for Web Sites or Web Pages

You can reach out to millions of peoples across the world with the Help of Websites or Web Pages of your own creation. They can get the information from your web page.

Needs of Web Site or Web Page for Personal Use

Personal Pages – To share information about your families, pets, vacations, or favorite hobbies with others is one reason to create web pages. You can say this a personal blog.

Entertain Visitors – Short stories, pictures, sound clips, music, and videos, and other materials for entertainment that can be displayed through web pages.

Spread Knowledge – web pages provide a storehouse for knowledge. Work done by scientists and businesses is placed on the web for showing and exchanging opinions. There are also some pages that post informational blogs across the internet.

Needs of Web Site or Web Page for Commercial Use

Provide Information – Companies provide information about themselves and their products to attract more and more customers.

Online Shopping – Companies provide a complete list of products available and their prices on the web pages for the consumers to place an order online.

Job listing – Using Of web page for searching jobs and getting applicants is very common, Companies invites applicants to post their resume through the net.

Contact Information – Readers can contact the company for their queries and suggestions through companies’ addresses and telephone numbers and their web pages.

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In the end, you can say both website and web pages are part of each other, Some of them made to post online, or they may be informational or for entertainment, There is a Total of 2 billion websites are available on the web.

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