Difference Between WordPress and Blogger | Pros and Cons

Difference between WordPress and Blogger

WordPress vs Blogger are the two most popular platforms to start blogging, but the main problem is how to start or which is best for you.

In this article look at the different scenarios and choose wisely according to your interest and ease.

WordPress and Blogger both are Content management tools popularly known as CMS tools, which is a platform for the writers to present their learning to others in the form of blogs.

Difference between WordPress and Blogger

We are going to give you all differences between WordPress vs Blogger, the Advantages, and disadvantages of these two CMS tools that may be helpful to clear your thought process and choose one of them to start your blog.

  • Blogger
  • WordPress

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a content management tool CMS which was started in 2003 owned by google, yes blogger is a platform given by google to all of us to start a blog without any single investment, all you need is just a single E-mail Id.

But there are some drawbacks in blogger which is not good for users who came to read your blog.

So now below you are going o read about some advantages and disadvantages of the blogger.

Advantages of Blogger

  • Today the web world is not safe, which means website hacking, virus, and many more are the things that will destroy your website. But Blogger is a Google platform so you don’t have to worry about your website security, all security is managed by Google.
  • You don’t need to buy a single hosting to host your website, Google gives you unlimited hosting with unlimited bandwidth (users) and able to handle millions of traffic in a single day.
  • You will also get a free sub-domain ended with, “.blogspot.com“. which means you don’t have to buy a domain name for your website. (your website name is Xyz.blogspot.com)
  • Inbuilt features are present to track your traffic and an easy management interface for the website operators.
  • Lots of free themes are available but with limited customization.
  • If you are a new blogger and don’t know anything about blogging, i think you should try blogger to gain your knowledge and experience. it will help you to grow when you shift to WordPress.

Disadvantages of Blogger

  • The owner of the blogger is google not you, which means if you are doing illegal work (pirated content, plagiarized content, adult content, etc.) your blog will be deleted immediately.
  • You have to follow Google guidelines to do your work, if you not follow the guidelines your site will be deleted or blocked form the web.
  • There is no single plugin are available like WordPress to ease your work.
  • The user interface is not good, also you have limited customization to apply to your site which may bring fewer users to the site.

According to me if you want to maximize your blog and earn millions with that website this is not a good option to use Blogger, because this is not ideal for the reader who comes to read your blog and doesn’t have much customization to make it attractive your blog.

But initially, if you don’t have money to buy hosting or domain, start with blogger and then, when you have earned something, easily migrate your site to WordPress.

Your hosting provider helps you to migrate your site from Blogger to WordPress so you don’t have to worry about that.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is another free but most popular CMS tool that started in 2003. According to the reports, more than 65% of bloggers use WordPress to manage and publish their content.

In WordPress, the owner of the blog is you which means, you have all the power to maximize your platform and scale it according to the market standards.

WordPress foundation is the founder of the WordPress CMS tool. WordPress foundation is a non-profit organization that offers you two platforms. WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

The .com version of WordPress charges money where .org is the free script available for all of us. The only thing you need is a hosting and domain name where you can easily install the coded script, don’t worry all is done with by few clicks in your hosting Control panel.

Advantages of WordPress

  • In WordPress, you are the owner of your content and do whatever you want that comes under the google search engine guidelines.
  • You have options to use Plugins that help your blog to become faster and gives your best user experience.
  • There are tons of themes available in the market for paid as well as free, customize according to user content, and then done.
  • WordPress is a free script available for all.
  • Want to learn how to operate WordPress, then there are millions of public videos are available to learn how to use your WordPress website.
  • Using WordPress you are able to create any kind of website, Blog, Business, news website, online community, government sites, as well as E-commerce.

Disadvantages of WordPress

  • You have to spend some money on hosting and domain name which cost you min $50 to Max $100. If you are able to spend this amount of money you have the best options to spread your learning with the help of blogs.
  • There are also some security risks are arise when you set up your blog at WordPress, but you also have some options to secure your website from hackers by using some free and paid plugins.
  • After some content and images, it slow down your website and then you need other resources like CDN.
  • Like 65% you are also the same, means your website are exactly same as other content creators, so it’s difficult to differeciate your website from others.
  • Plugins updates are compulsary for security but sometimes you get tired updating your plugins.

WordPress vs Blogger which is better and why?

The biggest problem you will face when you start a blog is WordPress vs Blogger.

WordPress have their own features like plugins, themes, easy handling, customization, while blogger gives you less customization and features but their security is best.

In the end, I just want to say, it totally depends on you. What is best for you is a question that no one can answer, so if you are thinking to grow your blog think calmly and back your feelings.

If you have money then no doubt go for WordPress but if you don’t have money, blogger is also a good option for you to learn about blogging.The good thing about WordPress.

Plugins and Easy customization is the best thing WordPress gives you to grow your blog or websiteThe best platform to start your first blog?

If you are a beginner I will suggest you start with a blogger blogspot because in starting you made a lot of mistakes, and that is okay, you don’t need to worry about your site. but when you have invested your money and do a lot of mistakes it will de-motivate you to quit. So, firstly learn and then invest.
According to me, you should use Blogger Blogspot to start your first blog if you are inexperienced.

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