What is Keyboard? Different Types of Keyboards| Advantages, and Disadvantages

Types of Keyboard

In this blog, you are going to read about what a is a keyboard? types of keyboards, their uses, and many other details related to this.

I will try to solve all your queries related to this I hope you all found this helpful.

What is a keyboard?

We already discussed that this is the main input device used to give the command to the computer.

The primary function of this is to act as an input device by using this, users are able to type documents, use different key shortcuts, playing games, and many other tasks.

The inspiration for keyboard design is taken from the typewriter.

In simple words, A keyboard is an input device that contains keys and used to enter data into your computer.

A desktop computer usually has 100 to 105 keys, but this is not fixed some small computers like notebook computers have fewer keys than normal PCs.

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Full Form of Keyboard

According to Fullformhub.com there is no full form of keyboard is present, but some peoples named this word as acronym with different meaning, most common full form of Keyboard is:

K – Keys
E – Electronic
Y – Yet
B – Board
O – Operating
A – A to Z
R – Response
D – Directly

Different Types of keyboards Keys

ABCDE, XPERT, QWERTZ, AZERTY, and QWERTY are the different types of keyboard keys layout.

This headline is based on how keys are organized on the keyboard because the keys are divided into too many sections for making the user experience faster.

Keys Layout of an Qwerty Keyboard

  • Alphanumeric keys: Alphanumeric are divided into two parts, alphabets, and number keys and this includes letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbol keys.
  • Function keys: This is located o the top of the board, there are a total of 12 function keys and used to perform specific tasks, like F1 displays a help window and F5 used to refresh window or any browser same as all 12 keys have their own work to perform.
  • Control keys: Control keys are used to perform different work examples of control keys are Ctrl, Alt key, Window logo key, and Esc. these keys are used alone or with other function keys.
  • Numeric Keypad: This is located on the right side of a keyboard. The arrangement of all numeric keys is very similar to calculators that included numbers, decimals, and many other keys. this is the most recent invention, to enhance the user experience.
  • Navigation keys: These keys are just touching with the numeric keys which include Arrow keys, page up and down keys, delete keys, home, and insert keys.
Different Types of Keyboards
Types of keys

This is the basic key layout but in some cases, there are different types of layout are present. Your keyboard layout must be a different type.

Why do we have two ctrl, alt, and shift keys

All the keys present on the keyboard are made to increase our effectiveness and work performance.

At the start, there are only one ctrl, alt, and shift keys, but when the makers identified the problem of users they add dual keys.

This is done because when you want to type “A” you will use your right hand to press the shift same as when you want to type “L” you will use your left hand to press shift, this will help the pro users to enhance their productivity. It also increases the life of some most used keys.

There are 16-17 more duplicate keys are present at the right side of keyboard called numeric keypad, this is because the look and layout of numeric keypad are similar to calculator and help the users to calculate easily like they are doing calculation in calculator.

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Who invented keyboard

According to Wiki-Pedia, Christopher Latham Sholes was an American inventor who invented the first QWERTY keyword by taking inspiration from Typewriter, with the help of their mates Samuel W Soule and John Pratt.

Types of keyboards

There are too many different types of keyboards available in the market with different-different names but in this article, you can read about only the top 8 most popular that are famous in the market and also very useful for us.

So let’s start with the most famous and well-known device.


Different Types of Keyboards

The name of this keyboard is qwerty ( Pronounced KWER-tee ) because of their first six alphabets which are Q W E R T Y, a standard computer board.

The keyword arrangement is set up by Christopher Latham Sholes. This is the most used keyboard ever had because of its keys position, it helps to write faster than any other.

There are too many varieties that come with this device like Wireless and ergonomic etc. You can also see that the virtual qwerty keyboard is also used in smartphones or tablets.


  • Easy to use for many peoples.
  • Enables the fast speed for data entry or other inputs.
  • Well tried technology and a well-known method of entry.
  • verification tests made easy with the qwerty.


  • For some peoples, it is hard to get comfortable.
  • Need too much space.
  • This is slow as compared to OMR (Optical mark recognition).

Mechanical Keyboard

If you are a normal user maybe you don’t even hear the name of this, because the standard device is enough for a normal user who does their basic entries.

But a Mechanical board has very high-quality keys that live longer, good sound, easy picking of keys, high durability, and as well as higher cost. Peoples choose mechanical because of their quality, looks, and best performance.


  • More comfortable than others.
  • They are more precise.
  • Good response time and decent gaps between the two keys give a promising feel.
  • Faster speed.


  • More expensive than standard keyboards.
  • weight is much higher than others.
  • The sound is very loud while typing.
  • Because of the tall keys, it is hard to clean the keys.

Wireless Keyboard

This is the same as standard except their wires, the wireless device is connected with the computer with the help of Bluetooth, Radiofrequency or by other methods but not by wires.

This is very useful because there is no headache of wires, it is most convenient for travelers because now they don’t need to adjust their cables. some wireless keyboards are based on Infrared technology that uses light waves to transmit signals to other infrared-enabled devices.

  • Easy to manage and use.
  • Avoid the use of cables.
  • Easily respond through long distances.
  • Convenience over traditional wired technology.
  • goes where the cable cannot.


  • You have to buy batteries for various devices.
  • Some dongles have a low quality that can not work properly or having slow speed.
  • expensive in front of standard keyboards.
  • speed limitation

Virtual Keyboard

A Virtual keyboard is a software-based that helps users to input data into a computer without any physical machine or keys.

This software-based keyboard mainly has more features than a physical keyboard, because by using a virtual board you are able to use all basic typing things as well as some interesting things like add emojis or some GIFs.

The devices that contain virtual keys are Smartphones, tablets, now computers also and other portable devices.

In virtual you are free to change the layout and design with 1 or 2 clicks, This makes the device more convenient and more useful for all of us. Examples:

  • G-Board: This is created by Google for their android and some IOS devices include some interesting features that are GIFs, customizable themes, easy translation features, and Emojis.
  • OSK: On-Screen Keyboard, commonly founds in Microsoft devices.
Different Types of Keyboards


  • It reduces the risk of keystroke logging.
  • Malware doesn’t spy on the data entered by users.
  • Many interesting features like Emoji, GIFs, etc.
  • No need to carry a physical keyboard.


  • It reduces the typing speed of any professional user because of their size, no in-hand feeling.
  • Any other person can easily observe the keyword types by the users.
  • small key size or no required gaps between two keys.

Ergonomic Keyboard

An ergonomic keyboard is made for users who spend a lot of time using a standard that can cause hand injury this is why Ergonomic was made.

Using a standard keyboard for 20-30 minutes per day can cause serious injury to your hand. The design of ergonomic is made to increase productivity without having any injury.

There are three types of ergonomic keyboard that made according to comfort-

  • Angled: This is made for proper positioning of hand and wrist that helps in fast typing.
  • Contoured: This looks like waves and also gives good positioning to the wrist.
  • Split: this is split into two parts and gives you the freedom to adjust your left and right sides to keep your arms and wrist in perfect alignment.


  • Comfortable positioning and wrist support.
  • Easy to use.
  • Reduces the risk of a wrist injury.
  • Respond quickly.
  • Type according to your convenience.


  • The ergonomic keyboard is too costly according to the standard keyboard.
  • Slow down your typing speed.
  • Take more time to get used to it.
  • Not solve all types of injuries.

Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards are specially made for gamers. Because of their fast response and high-quality mechanical keys suit very well, high-end gamers need a perfect device for their immersive experience.

Mechanical keys allow fast typing with a quick response is the first feature that any gamers want, you are able to move your characters more easily compared to other keyboards.


  • Provide stronger feedback while typing.
  • More comfortable
  • Durability is very good.
  • Faster and easier to type.


  • Louder sound while typing.
  • More expensive.
  • The weight is too high.

Wired Keyboard

Any keyboard that connects to a computer with the help of wires is usually called a wired keyboard. Basically, all types of keyboards have two types, wireless or wired you can choose according to your preferences.

Wired devices are more reliable than wireless, wired devices connect with computers with the help of a USB (Universal serial bus) port.

You can connect your device with a limited distance according to the size of wires is a drawback of all wired devices. The problem of disconnection is very low according to wireless devices.


  • No need for batteries.
  • No connection loss.
  • Faster typing than wireless.


  • The wire looks unprofessional.
  • The wires get tangled with each other.
  • Limited distance for typing.
  • Wires need protection from From rats or other sharp materials.

Flexible Keyboard

Flexible devices are made from silicon or other soft polymer materials that can bend easily and flexibly, they are water-resistant, and also the durability of this keyboard is very good.

Flexible devices are used all over the world because of their convenient design and many other features, it also becomes a very good option who travels a lot and has to work on the computer. And they don’t need much space, you can easily carry them in your pocket.


  • Flexible and durable.
  • Waterproof and soft material.
  • Great for use in hospitals and medical facilities.
  • No need for a separate place to store.


  • This is a new invention so it takes time to get used to it.
  • Doesn’t feel like a keyboard.
  • The problem of touch experience.
  • Need a solid and flat surface to type easily.

These are the 8 different types of keyboards that are most popular and demanding in the market.

Tips for using Keyboard safely

There are different types of keyboards available in the market and all of them can cause injury to the wrist or hand so here are some basic tips for using this device safely.

  • You have to maintain a simple body posture while typing.
  • Relax your arms and wrist while not typing.
  • Take short breaks every 20-25 minutes.
  • keep your wrist straight and don’t touch heavily on keys.
  • Keep wrist straight and fingers curved over the keys.

Shortcut Keys

We already know that the computer system becomes more important and useful for us in our daily life as well as professional life, if you are a regular computer user you must know about some basic shortcut keys like (Ctrl+C= Copy) (Ctrl+V=Paste).

But there lot more keys available to increase our productivity. in simple words, shortcut keys make your work easy while entering the data.

There are too many shortcut keys are used by any computer user. Alphabets keys are used with Ctrl keys to perform specific functions, same as function keys have their own shortcut destination and also a window, shift, Alt And many other keys have their different work.

Which Keyboard is best for you

There are too many different types of keyboards are available in the market. If you think to buy any of them, firstly you have to identify why you need this (for gaming, personal use, professional use, wireless, etc.) also you have to plan your budget, if you have enough budget go and get according to your need and interest.

From my end, if you are a basic user go for a simple standard device but you need a device for gaming you can buy either a mechanical or gaming because in both the key mechanism is the same. If you want to look professional, a wireless device is the best choice for you.

If this article helps you to find your queries then let us know by comment on this article.

How many keys are on a keyboard?

The standard computer have mainly have 101-105 keys.

What is the keyboard in the short?

This is an input device that contain keys, used to enter the data in computer system.

OMR full form?

Optical Mark Recognition is the full form of OMR.

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