What is Wireless Technology? Examples of Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology

Wireless Technology, is a word used to say telecommunications in which electromagnetic waves carry all the signal over the part or all of their communication path.

You are going to read about some Examples of wireless Technology or Wireless Network Technology that used all over the world.

Network technology is used where it is inconvenient, impractical, or impossible to install cables.

Wireless transmission media is used in communication technologies like broad-cast radio, cellular radio, microwaves, satellite communications, and infrared.

There are 5 examples of wireless technology you are going to read about.

Examples of Wireless Technology – Wi-Fi

I think all of you are well aware of this, Computers and devices that have the appropriate wireless capability can communicate via radio waves with other computers or devices using Wi-Fi, Which identifies any network based on the 802.11 Standard

Many homes and small businesses also use Wi-Fi to network computers and devices wirelessly.

In closed areas, the wireless network range is about 100 feet, also in open areas it goes to 300 feet in open areas.

Examples of Wireless Technology


Bluetooth is a short-range broadcast radio communication medium introduces or developed for home users.

Bluetooth use short-range radio waves to transmit data among Bluetooth enabled devices.

All Bluetooth devices contain a small chip that allows all devices to communicate with other Bluetooth-enabled or presented devices.

Examples of these devices include desktop computers, notebook computers, smartphones, and many more these types of devices.

For easy transmission of data, these devices must be within a specified range of 10 meters to 100 meters along with additional equipment.

Examples of Wireless Technology


infrared (IR), This is another wireless transmission medium that sends signals using infrared light waves.

Devices, such as mouse, printers,s, and smartphones, all have an IrDA port that enables the transfer of data from one device to another using Infrared light waves.


It is a form of broadcast radio, which is used mostly for mobile communications, especially cellular telephones and wireless modems.

A cellular telephone is a device that uses radio signals to transmit all voice and digital data messages.

While away from the standard telephone lines, some mobile users connect their notebook computers or mobile computers to cellular telephones to access the web.

They can also send and receive E-mails, enter a chat room, connect to an office or school network.


This is also a wireless transmission medium, Which sends or distributes radio signals to long distances locations such as between two cities, regions, and countries, and also short distances such as an office or home are called broadcast radio.

For this, you need a transmitter to send the broadcast radio signal and a receiver to accept it. To receive the broadcast radio signal, the receiver has an antenna, which is located in the range of the signal.

Some networks use a transceiver, which sends and receives signals from wireless devices.

Broadcast radio is known as slower and more susceptible to noise than the other physical transmission media but it also able to provides us flexibility and portability.

This is the article which gives you information about wireless technology and Examples of Wireless Technology, I hope you liked it.

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