Full Form of Email |What is Email? | Advantages, and Disadvantages

Full Form of Email

Email or E-mail Stands for Electronic Mail which is used for communication Between two or more devices using the Internet.

In this article, you will read about, What is Email?, the Full Form of email, Uses, What is Email Address? Advantages, disadvantages, and Examples of Emails.

 Before going ahead, Firstly we need to understand what is Email?

What is Email?        

The transmission of messages and files through a computer network is known as Electronic Mail (E-mail).

This is one of the most important feature of internet, It is a tool that help us to communicate with each other very easily.

Today, Email is most popular as a primary communication method among personal and professional use.

Using an E-mail Program, You can Create, Send, Receive, Forward, Store, Print, and Delete messages.

The message can be in simple text or can include an attachments such as word file, PPT, graphic image, or anything else.

When you receive email messages, they are placed in your mailbox. A storage location usually residing on the computer that connects you to the internet, such as the server operated by your ISP is a mailbox.

The server often called a mail server that contains the mailboxes.

Most ISPs provide an internet e-mail program and mailbox on a mail server as a standard part of their internet access services.

When you send an email message, a program on the mail server determines how to route the message through the internet and then send the message.

When the message arrives at the recipient’s mail server, the message transfer to a POP or POP3.

POP (Post Office Protocol) is a communication technology for retrieving email from a mail server.

The POP server holds the message until the recipient retrieves it with his her email software.

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What is Email Address?

Contact@edifyclu.in is an example of email address.

what is email address?

Just as your address Email Address is also an address where emails are delivered. To receive an email message, you need an email address.

A email address is a combination of a user name and a domain name that identifies a user.

First there is the USER NAME, which refers to the recipient mailbox. Then there is an “@” at sign, and next comes host or Domain Name.

A user name or user-ID is a unique combination of characters, such as letters of the alphabet or numbers that identifies you.

Your user name must be different from the other user names in the same domain.

For Example – A user named Jack whose server has a domain name of Gmail.com might select jack as her user name. But if gmail.com already has a user named Jack, then jack has to select another user name as Jack12 or Jack_12 and etc.

You can also use your nickname or any other unique combination of characters for your user name.

The kind of organization is indicated by the last few characters in an email address, You can easily figure out domain organization by its name.

UsUnited States
Domain Names Example

Advantages of Email

Email is one of the original services on the internet, Now email becomes a primary communication method for both personal and business use.

  • Easy to Use-: Open E-mail, type your message add images or documents, then send. This is how easy to use an E-mail.
  • Speed-: Within a minute or seconds you can send your email messages.
  • Informal &Conversational-: You can use this for personal or professional use.
  • Advertising Tool-: By many individual companies, email is used to an advertisement of the product or services.
  • Environment-friendly -: Send messages directly via the internet saves a lot of paper.
  • Convenience-: You can send an e-mail anytime or anywhere, which made it convenient to use.
  • Cost-Effective-: Sending Email doesn’t cost you anything, you only need an internet connection.

Disadvantages of Email

  • Not ideal for long text messages-: Email is good for short messages, long text messages are stiff to read and reply back in less time.
  • Misuse-: Anyone can misuse your email address by selling them to any marketing agency.
  • Spam-: Spamming is increase day by day, this is a big issue for a normal user.
  • Virus-: Emails are the most common way to send a virus or other malicious links to your computer or smartphone.You need to stay careful before clicking any link.

Uses Of Email

Email becomes more popular in the last couple of years because of its advantages and uses.

Communication: Email makes communication easy for both personal as well as professional. An email is an easy-to-use tool that helps businesses to directly contact their workers. It is also a helpful way to communicate with individuals.

Direct Marketing/Email Marketing: Email marketing is the new trend of the market, there are lots of tools are available in the market to perform these tasks. It is beneficial for converting users into customers. Email is frequently used for Newsletters, Where a targeted audience receives their type of content to read.

Sharing important documents: Now it becomes easier to send documents to anyone without giving your personal number, you just need an email address where you can easily send your documents or other stuff easily without any issue.

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Email is now used by everyone because it is convenient to use without having any extra cost, it helps lots of small businesses to grow their customer base by using free email marketing tools.

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