How to create ZIP file

In this post, we will tell you about what is Zip file and how to create a zip file, so that you will be able to create it very easily.

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What is Zip file

A zip folder is a system that converts one or more files of a computer into a folder that takes less space than the actual zip file and is much smaller in size. The zip file is also called the “Archive” file.

The purpose of the zip file is that it eliminates our space and storage problems and also gives security to the files. Storing files in zip folder makes it easy to store and transfer files. The zip file is a compress file so it takes less space.

The zip file extension is mostly used to .zip. The biggest advantage of a zip file is that you can protect this zip file with a password, so that your file is safe. Due to the small size of the file, you can easily share it on the Internet.

How to create ZIP file

Today we will tell you how you can create a zip file in your computer or laptop and use it.

  • Open your computer and laptop
  • You first create a folder to create a zip file and copy all the files or documents in that folder, then select that folder and right-click it.
  • After that, you will be able to create a zip file for your documents by clicking on the option of Compressed (zipped) folder in front of Send to.


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