How to Earn Money With Blogging | 9 Trending Methods, Detailed guide

Welcome to edifyclue, in this article we will know about how to earn money with blogging. Nothing matter’s if you are a beginner or an expert.

If you are here it means you are looking for money-making methods from blogging.

So let’s take a look at different types of monetization methods you can use to earn more from your blog.

Ways to Earn Money With Blogging

There are too many ways to earn money online, Blogging is a well-known method for those who want to earn online.

But there is a problem, that most of the blog owners don’t know how to make more money from their blog. They only know about 2-3 methods to earn money from blogs.

But this is not true there are too many ways you can earn through your blog and generate lots of earnings through your single blog website.

It totally depends on you which method you want to make your primary source of earning.

What is Blogging? Reasons why should you start a blog

Make Money Using Ad Networks:- Google Adsense

Google AdSense is the world’s biggest ad network. And I think every blogger definitely knows about Adsense and how Adsense pays you money.

Google Adsense offers money to the website owners and gives them a part of the share they earn from advertisers who want to advertise their brand or product on google.

Google uses the Adsense platform to show ads to the website by just pasting the ads.txt files into your website. After that, you have to paste your Adsence code where you want to show your ad.

How Adsense gives you money?

Google uses CPC (Cost Per Click) methods, After pasting your ad to the website, whenever a user comes to your site and then clicks on the ad you will get a commission from google Adsense.

The commission depends on how much money the advertiser gives to google for their one-click it may be 0.10$ or 1$ for a single click.

How you will get Approval for Adsense?

  • Make sure you have your website should have a Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD), or Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD). Don’t apply with free domain names like
  • Make sure your domain must be older than 3-4 weeks, if not it looks spam in front of the reviewer.
  • Write at least 15-20 posts above 1000 words each to get an instant review.
  • Don’t Copy or use images or content from other websites, it is against the Laws of Adsense.In case you can use images from stock photo websites like, or
  • Your Website should have some mandatory pages like Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms, and Conditions, Contact us, and About us. These are mandatory pages to get approval.
  • After that, you have to wait for 2-4 weeks to get approval. if you don’t get approval, customize your site content according to instructions and apply again in 28-30 days.

In case you don’t know about gTLD and ccTLD:

Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD)Country Code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD)
.com (Commercial (America)
.org (Organizations).in (India)
.gov (Government Agencies) (United Kingdom)
.edu (Education).au (Australia)
.net (Network Organizations).ca (Canada)

Examples of Generic top-level domain and Country-code top-level domain

Google AdSense Alternatives

If you did not get approval from Adsense then you can also try other ad networks which give you a little less advertising amount compared to Adsense but a great option. Those alternatives are:-

Ezoic: It is also an ad platform you can use with or without AdSense approval, after absence approval it gives you more money but if you don’t get approval. It is also a good option to monetize your site. (Ezoic) Ad networks offered by yahoo and bing gives the money in the form of CPC (Cost Per Click) and RPM (Revenue per thousand impressions). (

AdThrieve: There are minimum criteria of 100k page views per month to get approval. this platform is not ideal for beginners. but give you money according to CPC and RPM. (AdThrieve)

According to me, these three are good options in alternative to google AdSense, there are some more ad networks are available but those are not good enough to get the desired earnings.

The more traffic you will drive to your website the more money you will make. Ad networks’ income mostly depends on high traffic.

Earn Money With Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process where you can easily promote other brand’s products or services and you will get a certain amount in form of a commission for generating their sales.

You can choose affiliate programs according to your industry or interest, products or services program, etc.

There are different types of affiliate networks like hosting companies like hostinger, Bluehost, e-commerce companies like Amazon associates program, Flipkart, Email marketing companies like Sendinblue, Mailchimp, etc.

You only need to register in their affiliate programs if you are approved they will provide you a dashboard with your affiliate link for tracking your promotion and sales.

In this you don’t need too much traffic to get to earn more, you only need the targeted traffic who actually want the services you offer.

Some Affiliate Programs are:

Amazon Associate: This is the most popular affiliate program where you will get a commission on every sale you generate. You just need to send the visitor to amazon with your link and in between 24 hours anything he/she will purchase, you will get the commission.

Hosting Affiliate: Web hosting companies have also their affiliate programs where you will get a direct 50-60% one-time commission on every sale.

Email marketing: Email marketing programs are likely the same as hosting programs, which means you will get 50-60% commission for one sale.

Click Bank: It is a collection of most varieties of affiliate products, you can choose according to your industry and promote them, you will get 50$-75$ for one sale depending on the program you choose.

CJ Affiliate: It is mostly the same as click bank and contains over 1000’s of products you can promote and get affiliate income.

Selling Backlinks and AdSpaces

If you work hard on your site and get a lot of traffic you’ll get emails from big enterprises or companies to put ad banners or video ads on your site and they will give you money.

Believe me, you can make a lot of money from only one ad space.

You can sell ad spaces according to your site structure, Ads may vary into different sizes or categories, You can easily charge 50$ for one ad space.

On the other side, you can also sell genuine backlinks for 25$-50$ according to your site authority. But don’t sell too many backlinks to those who don’t belong to your niche industry.

It is a sign of spammy websites and it negatively affects your site.

Make money using CPA marketing

Cost per action stands for CPA, which means whenever a user performs any action on your website you have a chance to earn money with blogging content.

Maxbounty is the best example of a CPA marketing platform where you can join their affiliate marketing program and start promoting them.

They offer 0.75$ to 4$ for capturing leads (Email is or mobile number) from your websites. So you can use free email capturing tools like Sendinblue, it will give you the option to capture unlimited E-mail.

The more lead you capture the more money you will earn without doing any hard work.

Sell your own E-Books and Courses

If you are an expert in your field then you have another great opportunity to generate more income by selling your E-books and courses.

You can easily sell your course through your website instead of uploading it on Udemy or other Edtech Platforms.

It will also describe you as a master in that topic which is good for you as well as your website.

It will become your recurring and a passive income source for you for a lifetime, you only need to update your course time to time.

It’s not barred you to sell only e-books or courses you can sell anything you want according to content available on the site.

So why are you waiting for, go and start a blog. Blogging is a long-term game and if you want to succeed In blogging then give your 2-3 years you will get the desired results.

Earn Money with blogging by Sponsored Blog posts

This is another great method to earn a lot by writing sponsored Blogs for your customers or taking money for posting their blog on your site.

It will increase your content, traffic as well as you are taking money for posting it on your website. this is a win-win situation for you.

Like Youtubers, they make a paid video same as you can write paid blog posts. You only have to give some extra effort and time to get those sponsored posts and ads.

Sell website on Flippa

Flippa is a website where you can sell your website with only 20–25 posts with AdSense, there are a lot of customers waiting to buy your site at a good price.

You just need to set up a WordPress site, write 20-25 niche-related posts, and get AdSense approval you can easily get 500$ for your site.

You can also sell your website if you don’t have enough time to run your site properly. or you can be doing this regularly for making a profit on every sale.

I think you will get the all information from this article if you have any questions about this topic don’t forget to ask.

Donation Based Monetization

This is a type of website where you can ask your reader for donations.

If your site content adds some value to the readers and you need support to grow your site, you can add a donation button for support, and readers will definitely pay to support you if your content is worth paying.

Membership Website

A membership (means reader pay to access your content) website is another good option to earn money with blogging,

This is known as the upgraded version of a donation-based website. If your site has exclusive or premium content, readers easily pay you for your article.

If your content is worth paying for, you can definitely give it a try to monetize your site.

You can easily set up PayPal or any other method to accept donations.

How to make a membership website:

Find the right and best model for your website.
Subscription: You can charge for one content on, monthly or yearly basis.
Transition: Separately selling individual content is another good way.
Metered: You have to make half your content for free, if the reader finds worth in your article, they definitely gonna pay for it.

A member site plugin is made for you to ease your process for WordPress site owners.

This is the full detail about this topic, if you have any questions or suggestions don’t forget to comment.

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