How to Promote Your Blog | Best Guide for Beginners

Starting a blog is hard but promoting your blog to the right audience is harder. So in this article, you will read about how to promote your blog if you are a beginner or an intermediate.

All methods are applicable for all kinds of publishers.

But Before promoting your blog you need to be sure that your blog is ready and available for sharing with the audience.

  • Make sure your content is live for the audience.
  • Check your all external and internal links.
  • Check on different browsers ( Chrome, safari, edge, Firefox, opera, etc) how your blog looks like.
  • Add or check social sharing buttons for more engagement.
  • Add comment section if there is no section.
  • Setup Google Analytics or Facebook pixels to track your audience.

How to promote your Blog – For Beginners

Tell them in person/Social Accounts

This looks old but for the initial boost, you can share this with your friends and family members to share your article or site and increase the visibility of your blog in your society.

You can also use your personal social accounts like Instagram, Facebook, linked in, and other to share your blog to the peoples you can’t tell personally.

Send an Email to your Friends

Take your Friend’s Email and Start sending Emails after new post submission.

You can easily track your all emails, whether it’s open or unsubscribed, this helps you to understand your reader mindset and helps you in long run.

Make Infographic

Make an interesting infographic on the summary of your detailed post, and share it on social media or any other site you can also share this on any open group of telegram or Facebook.

Capture Emails of new visitors

Capturing the emails of new users by giving any freebies like ebooks, giveaways, contests, free subscriptions, or anything your want and take back user Emails.

After Taking an Email, don’t spam their Email inbox, otherwise, they unsubscribe you.

Add Your Link to Your Social Platforms

Social platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp Business, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms give you the option to add your website or app link in your bio, it helps your site by increasing the visibility of your domain name.

Also, Don’t have too much work you can easily do this within 30-60 min maximum.

Join Groups

Join Facebook groups and start making a presence in the group by liking or commenting on existing members’ posts.

Don” post a direct link in the group otherwise you will be removed.

Show your presence in the group for 15-20 days then you can start posting, the summary of your blog in the form of posts and tell them to check out your site.

This will helps you a lot to increase your site traffic on the regular basis.

Make your own Network or group

You can also make your own personal groups for those who are interested in that kind of information.

Facebook and Telegram are the best to make a Public group to help others.

They only need information, so you can promote your blogs by sharing links in your group.

Add Social Share Links

Adding sharing links to your content page, helps you to increase your site traffic as well as your page authority, which helps in the SEO of your page.

It is proved that adding social share buttons helps in increase in traffic if your content is useful for the audience.

Allow Guest Post

If someone asks you to guest post on your site, this is a good sign which means peoples see the potential in your blog.

You can easily increase the number of posts on your page by allowing guest posts.

But don’t publish average quality content, tell them to write a high-quality post with lots of information in it. otherwise, your domain lost its authority.

Publish Guest Posts on other sites

It will benefit you in Three manners:

Firstly, it will increase the presence of your site on google, which gives you the advantage to show your potential to the other audience.

It also helps you to make backlinks for your site, which will increase your SEO ranking.

You can also get traffic to your site by links you added on the other site.

Comment on other blogs

Comment or interact on other relevant and high authority sites.

This build relationship and also you are known by other content creators who has a great impact on that niche audience.

Making relation with other big bloggers helps you a lot to also make your site big.

Submit your blog to directories

While the hundreds of directories will list your blog for a particular yearly or permanent fee listing, only a handful of them are worth considering.

So choose wisely if you want to invest.

Some of them will list your blog for free but they take 2-3 months to list.

According to me, if you have some extra money then you should not waste your money on directories, in place of this you can buy backlinks from direct sites or outsource it from the freelancer or Fiverr or some most popular tool like Links Management.

You should definitely add your sites to free directories to get long-term benefits.

Use Question and Answer SItes

Find all Q & A sites and answers all the questions people asked about, answer 1 or 2 answers daily will give you a slight advantage in front of your competitors.

You can get extra information from this site digitalmarketingservices.

Use Quora

Most of the writers come and answer the question asked by the users, and get thousands of free organic traffic for your site daily or weekly.

Quora is the most used social answering site above all.

You have to definitely try this if you want to promote your blog.

In the end, you can also make your unique way to promote your blog, different kinds of social platforms are one the best method to promote your blog all over the world.

You can also use Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, Linkedin to get international traffic for your site.

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