HTTP Full Form | Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS, Features

HTTP Full Form-Introduction

In this article, you are going to read about what is HTTP, the Full Form of HTTP, and their features.

You can also read the differences between HTTP and HTTPS. So let’s take a look at the detailed information you can read in this article.

You can also explore whether HTTP is safe or HTTPS is safe.

What is the Full form of HTTP

Hypertext Transfer Protocol is the full from of HTTP, where Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure stands for HTTPS.

What is HTTP?

HTTP is the communication standard that enables pages to transfer on the web. Addresses of websites begin with an http:// prefix; however, web browsers typically default to the HTTP protocol.

For example: typing is the same as typing

It provides a standard for the browsers that support users to exchange any kind of information over the internet. It is used by most websites to access any file or page.

HTTP Full Form
HTTP Full Form

Features of HTTP

Some main features of HTTP are as follows:

It is Simple

Hypertext transfer protocol mostly designed to be plain and readable by humans. that’s why this is very simple.

It is connectionless

According to the request of the user for information, an HTTP request is launch by the browser.
The Server started the user request and sensor phones following the client disconnect the connection.

It is Customized

By a simple acceptance between the client and the server, it can easily integrated with new features.

It is stateless

HTTP is also a stateless protocol, which means the server and the client are aware of each other only during a current request. due to this nature, neither the client nor browser can retain information between different requests across the web pages.

How HTTP Works

When you enter an URL ( Uniform Resource Locator) in your browser to access any particular web page or file, the protocol goes for information from the server and responds back to that requested web page to the client or user.

It is built on top of TCP and is an application layer protocol. it used a client-server communication model and communicates through request and response messages.

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Is HTTP Safe?

Looking at the security, it is fine when browsing on the web, but it is not safe when you enter details like card details or other sensitive details in any website or website field.

In case if you entered your data in an HTTP-enabled website the data can be transmitted into cleartext and easily available for others to misuse it.

But HTTPS-enabled websites are SSL certified and don’t leak your sensitive information to others so you can easily trust HTTPS over HTTP.

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

Basic of DistinctionHTTPHTTPS
Full-FormThe Full Form of HTTP is Hypertext Transfer ProtocolThe Full form of HTTPS is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
URLThe URL begins with “http://”The URL begins with “https://”
Port NumberFor communication HTTP used port number 80For Communication HTTPS used port number 443
SecurityThis is not securedThis is Secured
WorkingWorks at an application layerWorks at a transport layer
Encryption and certificatesEncryption is absent in HTTP and not require any certificteEncryption is present in HTTP and requires SSL
Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

Advantages and Disadvantages of HTTP


  • You can use it on any Browser
  • Data transmission is fast because HTTP can easily work together on more than one connection
  • It increases the speed of the transmission of data over ant browser database


  • Data is not encrypted, cause of this users can get privacy threats
  • It is comparatively slow from the other native protocols

Some uses of Hypertext Transfer Protocol

  • HTTP Full Form: Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  • Without HTTP we can’t browser or surf the internet
  • It plays an important role in the communication between two computers
  • The example of communication of two computers using HTTP is a web browser
  • Some famous web browser are Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox
  • It can easily transfer all types of files including text, image, or video.

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