Input device and Output device of Computer – Explained

Input device and Output device of Computer

Firstly you should know about what is input and output devices and the answer is, you already know that computers help us to communicate with the outside world.

Same as input and output devices are required for users to communicate with the computer.

In simple words, Input devices bring information into the computer, and output devices bring information OUT of a computer system.

After going next, the input device and output device of computers are the main things because if you don’t input your commands or input your commands then what is the advantage of the computer so this is very important to work all the functions of computers to make work efficient.

Types of Input Device

There are too many types of Input device and Output device of Computer, Keyboard, mouse, joystick, scanner, digital camera, microphone, etc, and many more let’s talk in detail about them below.


If you are talking about the Input device and output device of computer, then the first input device that comes to your mind is Keyboard. The keyboard is the most common input device is used today by everyone.

The data and instructions are input by typing on the keyboard.  It is an input device that allows the user to input numbers, characters, and alphabets. There are different types of keys-

Input device and Output device of Computer
  • Alphanumeric keys- It consists of keys for the English alphabet, 0 to 9 numbers, and some special characters like +, -, / etc.
  • Function keys- There are functions keys labeled F1, F2, and many more are the functions keys, they are also programmable keys.
  • Special functions keys- Functions are used for only a specific purpose these keys are Enter, Spacebar, Backspace. Delete, Insert, Shift, Capslock, Tab, Ctrl, Alt, Esc these all are special function keys.
  • Numeric Keypad-  Numeric keypad is located on the right side of the keyboard and consists of keys having (0 to 9) and mathematical operations (+, -,*,/) defined on them.
  • Cursor movement keys-  arrow keys are known as cursor movement keys and are used to move the cursor in the direction indicated by the arrow (up, down, left, right ).

These all are the Keys section of any keyboard which helps you to understand easily about this topic of the Input device and Output device of the Computer.

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If you are talking about the Input device and output device of computer, then the second input devices that come to your mind is the mouse.

You already know that mouse is a small device used to point to a particular place on the screen and select to perform one or more actions.

It can be used to select menu commands, size windows, etc.  There are some actions performed by the mouse are-

Input device and Output device of Computer
  • Left-click- Used to select any item display on the computer screen.
  • Double-click- Double click is used to start a program or open a file.
  • Right-click- Usually used to give a set of commands.
  • Drag and drop- It allows us to select and move any item from one place to another


A joystick is the third input device that looks like a vertical stick that moves the graphic cursor in the direction the stick is moved. It has a button on top that is used to select the option pointed by the cursor. This is used with video games and training simulators.


This is also an input device used for direct data entry from the source document into the computer system. It can convert document images into digital form so that they can be fed into the computer. By using a scanner, the possibility of errors typically experienced during large data entry means that is not so accurate when a high amount of data is scanned.

There is another type of Scanner called a Barcode Reader, A barcode is a set of lines of different thicknesses that represents a number.

Barcode readers are used to input data from bar codes. Most products in shops have bar codes on them, bar codes readers work by shining a beam of light on the lines that make up the bar code and determining the amount of light that is reflected.

Light pen

Looks like a pen-shaped device used to select objects on a display screen. it looks like the mouse but uses a light pen to move the pointer and select any object on the screen by pointing to the object. Aided design applications commonly use light pens.

Touch screen

Touch screen, you can definitely know about this but this is also an input device, It allows the users to operate selection by simply touching the display screen. common examples are smartphones.

Input device and Output device of Computer

Microphones (speech input device)

Microphones are used to convert human speech into electric signals. if you want to record any voice clear then Microphones are used for a clear voice.

This is the end of the first part of the Input device and Output device of Computer and now, you can read about the Output devices of the computer.

Types of Output Devices

In this topic of Input device and output device of computer now you are going to read about Output devices

The output is anything that comes out of a computer, output can be meaningful information or anything else, it can appear in a variety of forms- as numbers, characters, pictures, sounds, and printed pages. 

There are many output devices but we only write about the main device that important for us.

An output device is any machine able to show information from a computer. that include Display screens known as monitors, printers, speakers, plotters, etc.

Monitor ( display screens )

If you are talking about the Input device and output device of the computer, then the first output devices that come to your mind are the monitor, The monitor is an output device that uses a cathode ray tube (CRT) to display information.

The monitor is connected with a keyboard for the manual input of the characters and displays the information that input by us. there are different types of monitors and available into different sies-

  • CRT( cathode ray tube) 
  • LCD (Liquid crystal display)
  • LED (Light-emitting diodes) 
Input device and Output device of Computer


If you are talking about the Input device and output device of computer, then the second output devices that come to your mind are the printer, A printer is also an example of an output device that prints characters, symbols, and graphics on paper, the printed material known as hard copy because it is in relatively permanent form. and softcopy refers to the material that is displayed on the monitor. now you understand that printers are used to produce paper (commonly known as hardcopy) output. there are different types of printers.

Input device and Output device of Computer


A plotter is a device that draws pictures on paper according to commands from a computer. now you say what is the difference between printer and plotter but there is a difference because they draw lines using a pen, as a result, they can make or produce continuous lines, while printers can only replicate lines by printing a closely spaced series of dots.

Audio output (speakers)

The audio output is the ability of the computer to output sound. two components are needed, sound cards play the content of digitized recordings, and the speakers are attached to the sound card to produce the sound.

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