LAN Network| Features and 7 Components

In this article, you are going to read about what is a network, LAN Network, features, and components, hope it may be helpful for you.

What is Network?

When we connect more than one computer through some medium and share the information, this technique is called a network.

This transmission can be wired and also wireless, when talking about Wire transmission Medium, it twisted. Pair cable, coaxial cable, and fiber optics cable can be anything.

If you talk about Wireless transmission Medium, it can be anything from Radio Wave, Bluetooth, Infrared, Satellite. In computing, a network is a group of two or more devices through which we are able to communicate.

In practice, the network consists of many different computer systems connected by physical and wireless connections. A network is a group of computers, servers, mainframes, network devices, or other devices connected to each other that allow sharing of data among themselves.

A classic example of a network is the Internet.

What is LAN Network

LAN stands for Local Area Network. It is a network that is used to connect two or more computers.

A local area network is a locally functioning network, it is called an abbreviation lane. It is a computer network that covers local areas such as home, office, or building groups.

LAN network

Features of LAN Network

  • It is limited to a small area or a building.
  • It has high data transfer speed.
  • It does not have to hire any external internetwork.
  • Data is safe in this.
  • It is easy to organize data.

Components of LAN Network

The local area network connects computers for the transmission of data. In addition to other network devices like computers and printer fax, 7 components are used for work in LAN.

  • Network adapter
  • Network Medium
  • Cable connector
  • Power Supply
  • Hub/Switch/Router
  • Network software
  • Network adapter

A computer needs a network adapter to connect to a network, this computer converts the data into an electronic signal.

Network Medium:- 

A LAN network is a wired network that requires a wired cable such as a twisted cable, coaxial cable, fiber optical cable, etc. Wireless networks do not require cables in which radio waves are used for data transfer.

Cable Connector:-

RJ45 is the most common connector in a wired network. Every computer with internetworking capability has an RJ45 port, which we sometimes call a network port or Ethernet port.

Power Supply:-

As we know, both wired and wireless networks require a power supply. Currents are used to generate radio waves in wireless networks. Cable networks send data in the form of an electronic pulse.


The hub serves as a centralized point for transmitting data to computers in the lane. When sent from one computer to the data hub, it is transmitted to all computers connected to the data network, irrespective of the specific computer.

One of the hubs of the switch is a networking technology that assigns a specific MAC address to each computer in the network, which is why you can use the information LAN switch on a separate computer.

You can connect multiple networks with the help of a switch and a separate router on the hub. We can also connect computers in remote areas to the router. Network routers are more complex and have the ability to send messages around the world.

Large networks sometimes use routers for LAN traffic. Wireless networking devices are called wireless routers.

Network Software:-

The software on the transmitted computer packages the data into segments and puts that data in a packet name structure.

The address of the source and destination of the packet is written on the header of the packet. The receiving computer interprets these packets back into meaningful data and sends them to the appropriate application.

Wireless LAN:- 

WLAN is used to connect local resources to the Internet. The WLAN connects the link between two short-range devices by wireless classification method and also provides a connection to access the Internet (Speed ​​Spectrum) or using OFDM technology even when the user roams in a spatial fixed area. Is kept connected.


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