MAN Network-Metropolitan Area Network | 4 Features, Advantages, Disadvantages

Today in this blog we will learn about all types of networks, one type of MAN network, and understand how it works.

What is MAN Network

MAN stands for Metropolitan Area Network. A metropolitan area network (MAN) is a network that connects users to a geographic location or computer network that is larger than a local area network (LAN) but smaller than a wide area network (WAN).

A large computer network that spans a large city or university campus is called a metropolitan area network (MAN). The purpose of the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is to provide long-term links to the Internet. A metropolitan area network (MAN) can usually consist of multiple LANs to form a single network.

MAN network

This large-scale metropolitan area (MAN) network is now configured in a fiber-optic set. The most common technologies used to develop metropolitan area network (MAN) networks are fiber distributed data interface (FDDI) asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) and multi-megabit switched data service (ATM) asynchronous transfer mode.

ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) is a digital data transmission technology. It was developed in the 1980s to improve the transmission of real-time data over the network.

ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) is like a cell-relay system where the data is divided into data packets of fixed size and sent over time. ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) is intended for video conferencing systems.

Clear audio and video results are characteristic of ATMs obtained during this period and are the basis of a wide area data network.

ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) combines the features of circuit switching and packet switching to enable real-time data transmission. FDDI LAN is standard data transmission and can be extended to a range of about 200 km.

FDDI helps support data transmission for thousands of users. That’s why it is called MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) technology.

FDDI is known as Fiber Distribution Data Interface because it uses fiber for its infrastructure. A technology called SMDS is used when sending data through offline services.

Offline service means sending data by storing information in your mind and reaching its destination independently through each network.

When you transfer data using SMDS technology the data is as small as ATM. It also generates data packets. However, SMDS allows data to be transmitted as datagrams (data packets from untrusted data service providers) over large geographic areas.

Today Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) connections are made using infrared and microwave signals.

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How MAN Network work

A mall (metropolitan area network) is usually located between a LAN and a WAN. It is generally applied to geographically dispersed LANs to be connected. Hence man tries to develop a communication link between two independent nodes.

LAN, MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) is usually installed using optics fiber. The switch is installed using a network router. A switch is usually in the form of a port that serves to filter the data.

The switch enables a dual-port that handles filtering data on one side and a router connection, on the other hand, is a device that facilitates network connections on the other side.

It transfers information to the monitor. VIR (Metropolitan Area Network) usually operates in locations up to 50 km.

Features of MAN

  • WANs typically connect devices that cannot be connected to a LAN that is far from a wide geographic area.
  • WAN is used by service providers such as cable systems and network service providers of telephone companies.
  • WANs use a variety of services. I have access to links to a wide range of maps
  • General and Comprehensive WAN. Internet is WAN as we all know. Businesses and organizations work efficiently by using WANs to enable quick exchange of information between employees and customers in different geographic locations.

Advantages of MAN

MAN network comes between LAN network and WAN network. Therefore, the data handling capacity for MAN is increased while at the same time saving the cost associated with installing a wide area network.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) provides centralized management of data. This network enables you to connect multiple fast LAN networks together.

Telephone companies around the world have facilitated the transfer of data with the help of underground optical fiber networks. These optical fibers increase the efficiency and speed of data transfer. Optical fiber enables you to access speeds of around 1000 Mbps.

If you develop a WAN of 1.45 Mbps then its cost is more than what you can provide. Whereas when you install Metropolitan Area Network it provides you 1000 Mbps speed at the lowest cost.

Disadvantages of MAN

These networks are much larger than LAN networks and are difficult to maintain. They are much more expensive than LAN networks because they are used to make fiber optic cables (metropolitan area networks) and these networks are much larger and require more cables than LAN networks.


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