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We had learned about “Network port numbers” in the previous article. Today in this article we are going to tell you about “Network Architecture”, what and how many types of network architecture are there.

What is Network Architecture

Before the construction of anything, its structure is prepared, in the same way, its layout is made before designing networking, which we know, or can say, by the name of network architecture.

In this, it is decided what kind of hardware and software is to be used for communication, and which transmission protocol is to be included.

Before knowing the types of Network Architecture, you should also know about some other important information related to it, which is:-

  • Host
  • Client
  • Server
  • Peer

Host:- Any such device which is connected to any kind of network, is called a host, such as our mobile or computer, etc.

Client:- For all types of data or services that the host requests, there is something called a client. A client is a computer system that accesses services on other computers through a variety of networks.

Server:- This is a system that provides any kind of online information or other services to us, called a server. The server is very useful for any network.

Peer:- This is such a host, which also provides data and service and also makes requests, it is called Peer.

Types of Network Architecture

There are three types of Network Architecture:-

  • Peer to Peer Architecture
  • Clint/Service Architecture
  • Mainframe Architecture
Peer to Peer Architecture:-

A peer-to-peer network is a network where all the computers are connected together and process the data with equal rights and responsibility.

Peer-to-peer networks are mainly used in small environments such as up to 10 computers.

Peer-to-peer networks do not have dedicated servers.

Each computer is given special permissions to share the resource but this can become a problem if the computer owning the resource fails.

Advantages of Peer To Peer Network Architecture:-

  • It is much less expensive as it does not have any kind of dedicated server.
  • If one computer stops working but the other computer does not stop working.
  • It is easy to configure and manage largely because each computer manages itself.

Disadvantages of Peer To Peer Network Architecture:-

  • There is no central organization involved in the network. Therefore the information cannot be retrieved as the data varies in different locations developed by the security system.
  • This has a network security issue as the network devices itself is managed.
Client/Service Architecture:-

Clients send a request to the server to get any kind of information and service, after that the network server responds to any client, because it has a server, and the rest are clients.

Advantages of Client/Service Architecture:-

  • Client/Server network consists of centralized system which we can also call as data backup room. So we can easily back up the data.
  • The client/server network consists of a dedicated network server which improves the overall performance of the whole network system.
  • Security is better in a client/server network because a single server manages the shared resources.
  • It also increases the speed of sharing of resources.

Disadvantages of Client/Service Architecture:-

  • Client/server networks are expensive because they require a large in-memory server.
  • The network server has a network operating system (NOS) to provide all resources to the client but the cost of NOS is very effectively.
  • It requires a dediceted network administrator to manage all the resources.
Mainframe Architecture:-

This data or service is stored in a service called a mainframe. All the power connected to this mainframe is called terminal and these terminals do not perform any task.

These terminals are mills and can only be used for input and output.


So, friends, I hope that you would have liked this information given by us “What is network architecture? If you want to give any advice or suggestion related to this, then you are welcome. You can also tell us by commenting.

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