What is NIC? Network Interface Card| Types, Components, and Features

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What is NIC?

We also know the NIC mainly by the name NIC but apart from this NIC card is also known by many other names like Local Area Network Card (LAN-Card), Ethernet card, Ethernet Adaptor, Network Adaptor, Ethernet Controller, Network Controller, etc.

If your computer or laptop does not have internet access and you have to have internet access on your device, then you have to first connect your computer or device to a network device.

You can then connect your device to a wired network or a wireless network. You cannot connect any computer or device to a direct network device.

For this, you will need a network device in your computer or device that can sense any wired and wireless network, it is called a Network interface controller or Network Interface Card (NIC).

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what is NIC

Basically, we use the NIC to connect a device to the network.

NIC Card Features

  • We can connect any device to a network device through a NIC.
  • Both wire and wireless communication can be done through NIC cards.
  • It translates data into digital signals

Two types of network interface card

Internal network card: The internal network interface card already has a slot for it in our motherboard from where it can be inserted.

With the help of an internal network card, your system is ready for internet connection but a network Ethernet cable is required to provide network connectivity to the device.

External network card: External network interface card is used in a computer or device which does not have an internal network card. AN external NIC card is usually used to access wireless networks.

This type of system does not require any Ethernet cable to connect to the network. The external network card is useful when traveling outside or where the wired network cannot connect to the system.

Where is the network interface card located in a computer/laptop?

NIC is mainly located near the USB port of your computer/laptop. This NIC card is already installed in the motherboard.

If you do not already have any NIC Card on your computer or laptop, then you can buy it and put it on your motherboard.

Usually, it is placed on the side of your laptop, whereby you can connect your device and access the internet with the help of an RJ45 cable connector if no network port is visible on your laptop. Your laptop may have a wireless network.

Components of NIC

MAC Address – Every computer system or network device has a unique MAC address which we can also call a physical network address. When the NIC card is installed in the computer system, it is given the MAC address that is used to deliver the Ethernet packets.

Speed ​​- Speed ​​is measured from Mbps (megabyte per second) in network interface card, Internet speed is estimated based on Mbps only.

Connectivity LED – Each network interface card has an LED indicator to make it easy for the user to know every position. With the help of an LED indicator, each user can easily find out the signals such as whether the connections are established, whether the data is being transmitted or not.


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