List of Network Port Numbers

Today is going to tell you about the port numbers of the network, will explain to you what is the list of network port numbers.

What is Network Port Numbers

A network port numbers is a unique means of identifying the specific process through which Internet or other network messages reach the server.

All network devices are equipped with standard ports with their own specified numbers. These port numbers are reserved for specific protocols and their communication.

For example, Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) messaging is always one of the most used ports with port number 80 selected.

The port number is calculated through an informal collaboration of system administrator developers and software authors on the Advanced Research Projects Agency network. Suggest this concept.

The initial port number port that was known as a port number today is similar to the Internet Protocol (IP) address class.

Importent List of Network Port Numbers

S.NO.Port NumbersNetwork ProtocolsTransport Protocols
120, 21(FTP) File Transfer ProtocolTCP
222(SSH) Secure Shell  TCP and UDP
425(SMTP) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol TCP
5 50, 51 IPSec
653(DNS) Domain Name System TCP and UDP
767, 68(DHCP) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol UDP
869(TFTP) Trivial File Transfer ProtocolUDP
980(HTTP) HyperText Transfer Protocol TCP
10110(POP3) Post Office Protocol TCP
11119(NNTP) Network News Transport Protocol TCP
12123(NTP) Network Time Protocol UDP
13 135-139NetBIOSTCP and UDP
14 143(IMAP4) Internet Message Access Protocol TCP and UDP
15161, 162(SNMP) Simple Network Management Protocol TCP and UDP
16389 Lightweight Directory Access ProtocolTCP and UDP
17443(SSL) Secure Sockets Layer with HTTPTCP and UDP
18989, 990(implicit mode) FTP over SSL/TLS TCP
19 3389Remote Desktop ProtocolTCP and UDP

List of Network port numbers are provided of the transport layer with either the Transmission Control Protocol or User Datagram protocols. It is used with the higher layer protocols of the (OSI) open system interconnection model.

The port number is used to determine the protocol used to route the incoming traffic. A port allows a single host to run network services with a single IP address. Each port number identifies a specific service.

Each host can have 65535 ports for each IP address. The use of ports is controlled by the Internet Designation Corporation (ICANN). There are three classes of ports provided by ICANN:

0 to 1023 – Known port for the designated common protocol Services.

1024 to 49151 – Registered ports designated by ICANN for specific services.

49152 to 65535 – Dynamic (highly private) port 49135 to 65. Used by any service on a temporary basis.

The specified port is deleted when the session ends.


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