15 Most Important Networking Interview Questions (Part-1)

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Networking Interview Questions

Questions No. 1 – What is Link?

A link is a connection between 2 or more computers or devices. It can be a physical connection or a wireless one. physical links include cables, hubs, switches, etc, and wireless links wireless access points, routers, etc.

Question No. 2 – What is Node?

The point of intersection in a network is a called a Node. Nodes can send or receive data within a network.

Question No. 3 – What is LAN?

LAN is a wireless or wired network between devices located within a small physical location.

Question No. 4 – What are routers?

A router is a device that transfers data packets within the network. A data packet can be anything such as Emails a web pages etc. The router is located at the place where two or more networks meet.

Question No. 5 – What is a Point-To-Point network?

A Point-To-Point network refers to a physical connection between two nodes. It can be between any devices of a network such as a computer, printer, etc.

Question No. 6 – What is OSI model?

OSI stands for Open System Interconnection. It is a conceptual model that standardizes the communication functions of telecommunication. It has 7 layers which are:

  • Application Layer
  • Presentation Layer
  • Session Layer
  • transport Layer
  • network Layer
  • Datalink Layer
  • Physical layer

Question No. 7 – What is a Network?

A network is a connection between different devices. These devices communicate with each other using physical or wireless(WIFI, Bluetooth, Infrared) connections.

Qusetion No. 8 – What do you mean by a subnet mask?

A subnet mask is a number describing the range of IP addresses that can be used within a network. They are used to assign subnetworks or subnets. These subnetworks are various LAN connected to the internet.

Question No. 9 – What is NAT?

NAT stands for network addressing translation. It deals with remapping one internet protocol (IP) address space with another by changing the internet protocol (IP) headers of the packets that are being transmitted across a traffic routing device.

Question No. 10 – What is TCP?

TCP stands for transmission control protocol. TCP is a connection-oriented protocol that established and maintains a connection between communicating devices until both of them are done exchanging messages.

Question No. 11 – What is NOS?

NOS is an operating system designed to support, database, personal computer, etc These operating systems provide functionalities such as processor support, multiprocessing support, authenticating, web services, etc.

Question No. 12 – What do you mean by ASCII?

ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. It is a character encoding standard used in the electronic communication field. The ASCII codes basically represent text.

Question No. 13 – What is the MAC address and why is it required?

  • MAC address is a computers unique number NIC
  • It is a 48-bit number
  • Identifies each device on a network
  • Used as a network address for communications within a network

Question No. 14 – What is DNS?

DNS is a naming system that is hierarchical and decentralized. It translates the domain name to the numerical IP addresses which are required to identify and locate devices based on underlying protocols.

Question No. 15 – What is DHCP?

DHCP stands for dynamic host configuration protocol. Network management protocol used on UDP/IP networks. It automatically assigns IP addresses to devices on the network which reduces the need for a network admin to manually assign the IP address.

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