What is Kernel in Operating System? Objectives and 5 Types of Kernal

What is Kernel in Operating System In this article you are going to read about What is kernel in operating system, their objective and 5 types. The kernel is the protected part of an operating system that runs in the kernel mode. It is the first layer of operating system that was only the objects … Read more

450+ Full Forms in Computer List of 2021

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What is optical disc| Optical Discs Types

Optical disks types

Types of optical discs Today you are going to read about Optical discs types like DVD, CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM, Blu-ray discs. An optical disc is a storage media that is written and read by a laser. It consists of a flat, round, portable disc made of metal and plastic. The size of the optical discs … Read more

Integrated Services Digital Network, Services, 2 Types

integrated services digital network

Integrated services digital network ( ISDN ) was developed by ITU-T in 1976. It is a set of protocols that mixes digital telephony and data transport services. The whole idea is to digitize the telephone network to allow the transmission of audio, video, and text over exiting telephone lines. ISDN is an attempt to standardize … Read more