PAN-Personal Area Network, Advantages, Disadvantages

Personal Area Network

PAN stands for private area network. PAN network is actually a network built on the basis of connected devices which are used by only one person.

It allows smartphones to communicate with each other just like computers and tablets. PAN networks consist of many different connections, including Ethernet, WiFi, and Bluetooth. For example, a desktop computer can connect to a personal router via Ethernet and a tablet computer can connect to Wi-Fi.

The smartphone can connect to the computer via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Smartphone education is a common type of PAN where a laptop or other device is connected to the internet.

Smartphone with a data connection. If your mobile subscription allows, you can configure your smartphone as a portable access point or personal hotspot to be used as a wireless router when connected to the Internet.

If you prefer, you can still connect your smartphone to your computer or tablet while connected to a Wi-Fi router. Connectivity depends on the device via Bluetooth WiFi or USB.

personal area network

Since PAN design will be a limitation for a user, they are often automatically secured, where only official connections are accepted. What’s so much better, in this case, is that you need to have your connection setting the password, not just the one associated with the authorized device, not everyone else.

Some examples of personal area networks:-

  • A small home built office.
  • Connecting several types of network devices to a personal computer such as mouse, keyboard, printers, speakers, etc.
  • Connecting multiple devices to your Smartphone device such as — smartwatches, headphones, speakers, etc.

Types of PAN Network

There are two types of Pan Network

  • Wired Personal Network
  • Wireless Personal Network
Wired personal area network:-

A wired personal network is a network that is connected over a wire to communicate with each other. such as LAN cable and USB

Wireless personal area network:-

A Wireless Personal Network is a network that is connected to each other without a wire. That is, the devices in this network are connected to each other through a wave signal like Infrared, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi ZigBee, Ultrawideband, etc.

Advantages of PAN Network

Some Advantages of given below:-

• It is easy to install.
• Maintenance cost remains around zero (0).
• The quality is good.
• It is flexible and portable.
• Easily managed too.

Disadvantages of PAN Network

Some Disadvantages of given below:-

  • The biggest disadvantage of this network is that its coverage area/range is less.
  • If WPAN (Wireless Personal Area Network) is used then its devices are relatively expensive.


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