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The mouse is the most used pointing device all over the world, many of you don’t think about using another device. So in this article, you are going to read about pointing devices that may be more helpful for you.

What is a pointing device? This is a hardware device used to input data in the computer through an input device. You can select the options inside the system by using the pointing tool.

Types of Pointing Device

Pointing tools are used to select any things displaying on the computer screen this is a most important tool that is used by peoples. Touchpad, trackball, pointing stick, joystick, touch screen, and light pen are some examples you are going to read in detail.


After the invention of Laptops, this becomes a common pointing tool used by millions of peoples after the mouse.

A Touchpad or Trackpad is a simple, small, flat, and rectangle as shown in Image, pointing device that is sensitive to pressure and motion. To move the pointer using a touchpad, you slide your fingertip across the surface of the pad.

Some touchpads have one or more buttons around the edge of the pad that works like mouse buttons. On some touchpads, you also can tap or touch the pad’s surface to apply mouse operations such as clicking or dragging.

Touchpad pointing device


A mechanical mouse has a ball on the bottom, a trackball is a pointing device also with a movable ball on the top of it. To move the pointer using a trackball, you have rotate the ball with your thumbs, fingers, or the palm of your hand.

A trackball mostly has one or more buttons that work similarly to mouse buttons. There are not more users of trackball but also this is useful.

Pointing Stick

A pointing stick is a pressure-sensitive pointing tool, shaped to look like a pencil eraser that is between keys on the keyboard.

To move the pointer by using a pointing stick, you push the pointing stick with your finger. The pointer on the screen moves according to instructions given by the pointing stick.


The joystick has a vertical stick, mounted on a base, which moves the graphic cursor in a direction the stick is moved. It typically has a button on the top that is used to select the option pointed by a cursor.

The joystick is an input device mostly used to play video games, and controlling robots.

Joystick Pointing device

Touch Screen

With a touch screen, you can interact with the device by touching areas of the screen with your finger. You can touch words, pictures, numbers, letters, or locations identified on the screen.

most of the touch screens also understand and respond to finger motions such as sliding your finger to drag any object or pinching your fingers to zoom in or out any object.

There are several common types of touch screens like resistive touch, capacitive touch screen, infrared touch screen, and surface acoustic wave (SAW).

In each type of touch screen, there is a difference in the device’s touch sensor technology. Touch screens are more suited to public information systems, so touch screens can be found in places such as railway stations, airports, and banks.

pointing device

Light Pen

A light-sensitive stylus used to draw pictures or select menu options is known as a light pen. The user brings the pen to the where they want to point on the screen and clicks the pen button to make contact.

When the user clicks or presses the button, the pen senses light and the pixel being illuminated at that instant identifies the screen location.

Light pens are used by doctors and dentists as they can slide a protective sleeve over the pen to keep their fingers free of containments.

This is also ideal for those who work in dust, chemical factories to protect the computer from damages.


This article is based on 6 pointing devices that are used today by billions of peoples, If you any query don’t forget to ask by a comment on this post also if you like please share this post with your friends.

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