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Today we will tell you about computer networks, and types of computer networks in this blog. You can understand by reading this blog completely.

What is computer Networks

When more than one computer is connected with each other by media and this media can be wired or even wireless where we can share our information or data called data.

types of computer networks

A network is a group or group of computers that help a lot to interact with each other. The computer network can also be called a data network because it is a communication channel through which we can share any data.

All their types are described below.

Types of Computer Networks

The types of computer networks are divided on the basis of their size, area and how many computers are connected in a network to the network.

LAN, WAN, and MAN These are mainly three types of networks, but apart from this there are some other types like (PAN, EPN, CAN, WLAN, SAN), today we will discuss all types in this post.

There are many types of computer networks:-

LAN:- Local Area Network

LAN, also called a local area network, is a computer network that is spread over a small area. It connects computers and workstations to share data and resources such as printers and faxes. LANs are limited to small areas such as homes, offices, or colleges. You can see this LAN network in the form below.

This network is connected to all workstations, servers, and printers with the help of network devices. The printer can be used by any other workstation.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in the United States produced a series of standards for LANs, called the IEEE 802 standard.

WAN:- Wide Area Network

WAN covers a wide geographical area where many computers or LANs are involved. It connects computers to public networks, such as telephone systems, through microwaves, satellite links, or lining lines. Find out by looking at the network size.

Most Internet access WAN is a leased line pre-used by large companies as they provide faster data transfer. A leased line is a special telephone connection between service providers and consumers. The main advantage of using a lead line is that there is no interference by other users outside the network.

WAN helps organizations to create networks between all departments and their offices which are located in their offices. This organization also allows communication between the whole world.

MAN:- Metropolition Area Network

We also called MAN Metropolitan Area Network, network is the interconnection of networks in a city. Usually, the MAN network is not owned by a single organization. It acts as a high-speed network to allow sharing of resources within a city.

MAN can also be made by connecting a long-distance LAN via a telephone line or radio link. Supports MAN data network and voice transmission. The best example is a cable television network in the city.

SAN:- Storage Area Network

SAN full form is a storage area network. A SAN is a network device that can be accessed by multiple computers. Each computer can easily access the network, hard drives that are SAN networks, such that they are all directly connected to the computer like local disks. It can be used by multiple computers, up to individual hard drives, which provide support information for sharing them with different machines.

While a server can easily provide a shared hard drive that also requires multiple machines, the same large network requires more storage than a single server.

PAN:- Personal Area Natwork

We also know as PAN as Personal Area Network. is a computer network used for the transmission of data between devices located close to us such as computers, telephones, tablets, personal digital assistants, fax machines, and printers that are located close to a user.

WLAN:- Wireless Local Area Network

We also call WLAN Wireless Local Area Network. It works in communication without a network connection. This network is also known to communicate with the help of radio and infrared. It is a type of local area network.

We can use many devices in the LAN networks like wifi and BlueTooth, we can also use LAN connection.

Just the security of this network has been its biggest problem. One advantage in LAN is that we can enter a password for security and after that every time we access the internet, it will ask and then it will run this network.

POLAN:- Passive Optical Local Area Network

POLAN network is also called passive optical local area network. It is a network made of fiber cables, this is the current technology, where fiber cables are used to build networks, not copper cables, it is very widely used in this country like Dubai, etc.

Passive optical networks (PON) are much more costly than copper networks and are a bit more difficult to manage.

EPN:- Enterprise Private Network

The full form of EPN is Enterprise Private Network. This is a computer network, which is used to connect the network of different branches and locations of enterprise companies together, the Enterprise Private Network is basically connected to the VPN itself.

VAN:- Virtual Area Network

VPN is also called a virtual private network. As its name suggests, it is a private network that creates a secure connection between all types of networks connected to the Internet.

VPN is used to create an Enterprise Private Network (EPN). Employees and Engineers of the company are able to access their office network remotely through VPN only.

CAN:- Campus Area Network

CAN also be called campus area network is a computer network. The use of this network is made up of two or more LAN networks up to a limited area. It can cover multiple buildings in a limited area.

Its main feature is that all the computers connected together have multiple connections with each other. For example, different buildings that may be associated with the use of campus may be networked across the campus. This will help in linking academic departments, libraries, and computer laboratories with each other.

Network over LAN but can be smaller than WAN. Can be used to connect computers, cables, wireless or technology, or other devices.


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