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Hello friends, in this blog you are going to read about 7 types of computers and their details, characteristics, and uses.

Supercomputers, Mainframes computers, Minicomputers, Workstation computers, Microcomputers, Portable computers, and Network computers, these are the types of computers.

These computers are in different sizes and shapes, processing power, storage capacity and etc, but all are made for our convenience.

Types of computers

There are 7 types of computers you are going to read in this post, These all computer have their own features and specification, that makes them unique in front of others.


The first type of the computer known as Supercomputers, they are very fast known as the fastest calculating device ever Invented.

A desktop microcomputer processes data and instructions milliseconds or microseconds but a supercomputer can operate at speed measured in nanoseconds and even in picoseconds- mainly one thousand to one million times faster than microcomputers.

Control data corp CDC 6600 is the first recognized supercomputer built-in 1964, according to Wikipedia.

Most of the supercomputers are used by government agencies or big business. they do many tasks easier than any other computer, Weather forecasting, oil exploration, weapon research, and large scale simulation are the features or main works of supercomputers.

MainFrames Computers

The mainframes computer is the other types of computers, mainframes computers can easily process several million program instructions per second.

Big organizations rely on these room-size systems to handle large programs with lots of data. mainframes are mainly used by railway reservation systems, airlines, banks, and insurance companies.

The most common example of a mainframes computer is the Automated Teller Machine (ATM). The popular maker of mainframes is International business machines IBM. Some most popular IBM mainframes models are 3090, ES/9000, S/390, Z800, etc.

Mainframes devices have powerful processors with multiple CPU, and also they have huge memory capacity and run in multiple operating systems is the ability of the mainframe.


Microcomputers are portable in size, a single-user system that provides a simple processor and just a few input and output devices.

Another name of the microcomputer is  “personal computer”. The name personal computer is related to IBM, which introduced and marketed the first widely available, microcomputer named as “IBM PC” where PC stands for the personal computer.

The main purpose of the personal computer is to enhance productivity and increase their entertainment is the key factor in microcomputers development. The microcomputers were often used by a single person for single activities.

Microcomputers are used for small businesses to work like, making presentations, calculating data, communication, graphic work, word processing and etc.

Microcomputers are the type of computer that is used for personal use or to do small operations at business.


`Workstations is the type of computer that is very expensive in cost and only used by engineers, scientists, and other professionals who processed a lot of data.

Peoples who need to run complex programs and display work in progress and results graphically also use workstations.

workstations can easily handle CAD, data analysis, audio and video creation, Animation, High-end editing, etc. These are features of workstations that are used by high-end professionals.


Mini-computers is a type of computer also is known as mid-range computers were first developed as special-purpose mainframes computers.

They were used to control machines in a manufacturing unit. They are known as widely used as general-purpose computers.

Faster than microcomputers with access to more storage and spaces and more input and output devices, the minicomputer is used when large groups need access to data simultaneously. these devices are able to do these things because they are specially made for these kinds of work.

Minicomputers are used by medium-sized businesses and small sites of small organizations, they are also used in factories to control automated assembly lines manufacturing process control and also able to manage the database of the businesses.

Portable computers

In modern times the computer becomes smaller in size and becomes portable to carry anywhere easily, and becomes more powerful.

One type of PC that is rapidly growing in popularity is the portable computer. There are three types of computers that takes place in portable computers-

  • Laptops/Notebooks-  laptops are ideal for those users who have to work away from their offices, students, journalist or salesperson are the main users of the laptops.
7 Types of Computers
  • Subnotebook- Subnotebook is a device of a full display screen and keyboard, a less weight device. An example of a color subnotebook is HCL’s Mileap.
  • Personal digital Assistants– PDAs are smaller than the subnotebooks, they combine pen input, writing recognition, personal organization tools, and communications capabilities in a very small package. Executive businessmen are the users of this device.

Network computers

A network computer is designed to connect to the internet, sometimes called internet boxes, According to information a network computer has from 4 to 64 MB of Ram, and an 8 MB of Rom card. Network computers are designed with fewer specifications only used to connect computers to the internet.

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