Types of Mouse in Computer- Uses, Functions, Pros and Cons

These days everyone is aware of this device and types of mouse in computer, now look at those features, uses types and much other information about this.

This is a pointing device as well as an Input device that fits comfortably under the palm of your hand.

This is the most widely used pointing device on desktop computers. This device is named a mouse because of its shape that actually the same as a mouse.

You can easily control the movement of the cursor or pointer, called a mouse pointer, on the screen and make selections from the screen.

The top side of a mouse has one to three buttons; and also have a small wheel. the bottom of this device is flat and contains a mechanism that detects the movement of the device.

The computer mouse was introduced by Douglas Engelbart, with the help of Bill English, in the 1960s and was patented on November 17, 1970.

Same as keyboards there are too many different options are available to buy a mouse and in this blog, you are going to read about the 8 Types of mouse in computer, their functions, advantages, and disadvantages.

  • Optical
  • Laser
  • Gaming
  • Wireless
  • 3D
  • Wired
  • Ergonomic
  • Trackball

Uses Of Mouse

In the market there are too many different types of mouse in computer are available for computer and there are too many actions are also available for using a mouse easily and comfortably.

  • Point – Move the mouse till the pointer is positioned on the item of choice.
  • Click – Press and release the left mouse button to select or deselect items.
  • Right-click – press and release the right mouse button to display a shortcut menu.
  • Double-click – Quickly press and release the left mouse button twice to start a program.
  • Drag – Point to an item, hold down the left mouse button, move the item to the desired location on the screen and then release the left mouse button.
  • Rotate Wheel – Roll the wheel forward or backward to scroll vertically (up and down).
  • Press Wheel – Press the wheel button while moving the mouse to scroll continuously.
  • Tilt Wheel – Press the wheel toward the right or left to scroll horizontally (left and right).

Types of Mouse in Computer


An optical mouse uses devices that emit and sense light to detect the mouse movement and does not having any moving mechanical parts inside.

some use optical sensors; others use lasers. an optical mouse that uses a laser usually requires a special mouse pad, and optical mice are slightly expensive.

Advantages1. Available in both wired or wireless.
2. Performance is very good.
Disadvantages1. Lasers are more accurate than optical
2. Slightly expensive


Lasers and optical are looked mostly the same but there are some key differences like optical uses infrared technology while laser uses laser light.

But apart from differences both are very useful for standard pc work at home or offices.

Advantages1. More Accuracy than optical
2. Also available in both wired or wireless
Disadvantages1. Also required some free space to move freely
2. Less ergonomic than track-ball-designed mice.

Gaming/ Mechanical Mouse

Now these days, different types of mice in computers are available in both variant wired or wireless form, but for gaming, you should prefer wireless mouse because it gives you a seamless experience while playing and their wired don’t tangle between each other.

Also, they include more buttons, more accuracy, a comfortable design, less latency, and other features that gamers need.

Advantages1. Better build quality and design.
2. More accuracy and better touch experience.
3. More Durable
Disadvantages1. Costly than others.
2. Some parts need to be replaced after 1-2 years.


Wireless mice are connected to the computer with the help of Bluetooth, infrared, or radiofrequency, this is a good option while traveling but not responsive and accurate like wired mice.

Now wireless is going in trend between Computer users because of their convenient design.

Advantages1. No restrictions because of wired
2. Don’t require any mouse pad.
3. Using range is increased
Disadvantages1. Require batteries while using.
2. More expensive than wired.
3. Not accurate as a wired device.
wireless mouse


3D is the latest type of mouse in computers, Actually, 3D mice are not made for normal users they are only made for gamers, and for those applications that make 3D models like CAD, Architecture design, 3D modeling, and many other activities.

Advantages1. Most studies show that 3D mouse gives a faster experience than any other.
2. Increase productivity by about 21%
DisadvantagesHighly expensive in front of others.
Not for normal users.


Wired are the most common types of mouse in computer history, this is simple, fast, accurate, and low in budget.

It connects with the computer with the help of a USB port and transmits the data with wires. there are too many options available in the market but the wired mouse is the all-time favorite for some users except their wired.

Advantages1. Fast, responsive, easy to use, and understand.
2. Cost is low.
3. No batteries are required like wireless.
Disadvantages1. Not free to move anywhere.
2. less convenience.
Wired Mouse


Doing too much work by using a normal mouse can cause pain in your hands, but now after identifying the problem of users, some companies start making an ergonomic mouse that reduces the pain by changing the design of the mouse.

Ergonomics is the best option who spend a lot of time on the computer.

Advantages1. More comfortable.
2. Relax your palms
Disadvantages1. Not too good according to users
2. Costs are thrice in front of the conventional mouse.


Trackball mice are the new trend and types of mouse in computer that looks like an upside-down mouse. This device contains a ball on its upper side that helps to move the cursor and also it requires less effort to move than normal.

This is very fast and responsive but looks complicated for new users, the building design is much similar to ergonomic.

Advantages1. fast and responsive.
2. Design is similar to ergonomic.
Disadvantages1. Not made for gamers.
2. Not accurate

Features of Mouse (Advantages)

There are some features related to some specific types of mice, these features apply on some normal devices because there are too many options are available and all have their own features.

  • Very easy to use
  • Some normal devices cost very low
  • No too much space needed to work with it
  • Used with all personal computer and with laptops sometimes
  • No need to buy, it comes with the system
  • Easy to understand and very comfortable
  • Very useful while using a computer
  • Freedom of moving anywhere
  • Easy to carry everywhere means this a portable device


  • Dust and water sensitive, not durable
  • Need a flat surface to use easily without disturbance
  • Not a good option for your palms means it causes injury to your hand
  • This is only for the selection you cannot enter text with this

Mouse Full Form

Before the 9th standard, I also don’t know about the full form of the mouse but one day my teacher said me about the full form of this, we became a little bit surprised because we know the full form of the keyboard but never about the mouse.

But now the full form of this device takes attraction to all of us and people searching about this, so we included this in our article.

You know about Types of a mouse in computer but there are also two full forms of the mouse are introduced.

Manually Operated User Selection Equipment OR

Mechanically Operated User Signal Engine

Some Alternatives of mouse

Firstly the mouse becomes popular among all the computer devices but after that laptop introduces itself it gives a tough competition to Personal computers because you don’t need a separate mouse or keyboard.

The laptop introduced a Touchpad that does similar tasks and you don’t need to buy as an external device.

Same as a Touch screen of Smartphone devices also called an alternative of a mouse because it works through your fingers’ movement and does similar tasks as a mouse.

Types of Connectors In Mouse

There are too many different types of mouse as well as different types of connectors are also available to connect with the computer easily.

All connectors have their own capabilities to connect and respond according to actions. but the most common and popular connector is USB, this is widely most used connector all over the world but there are some other connectors you are going to read about.

  • Wired USB Connection
  • Wireless USB Connection
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • PS/2 Traditional Mouse Connector
  • Serial Connection
  • Apple Desktop Bus Connection

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