What is Blogging? Tips Why Should you start a Blog or Not

This article is based on blogging, topics like what is blogging, why should you start blogging, and why you should not start blogging, We cover these topics in detail.

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What is blogging?

This is a type of web page where contents are regularly updated for personal or business needs.

A blogging website is a place where you can find informational articles known as blogs in simple and understandable language.

Blogs are small articles written by their niche expert, This is started by Justin hall a college student in 1994 at starting it is not considered a blog, It is known as a simple personal homepage.

Today mostly 71% of blogs are written In English and approximately 70 million blogs are posted every month.

75% of internet users like to read blogs because this is informational as well as short, which means less time-consuming.

The result shows that blogs are the 5th most trusted way to gather information about anything.

Why should you start a blogging?

After reading about what is blogging you already thought that why should you start a blog there are many advantages, below is the answer to your all questions.

Passive Income: When you start a blog, you have multiple options to make passive income by attracting organic users by using SEO. Passive income opportunities are, Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsored blogs, selling your own products.

Brand identity: Having a blog website gives you the opportunity to present yourself as a brand by creating a profile on multiple social media platforms. It gives you some popularity, and people will approach you for their Blogging related work.

Master your Niche (experience in your subject): When you start writing in a particular niche you have to do research read articles, books, and every single and small piece of information, to gives your audience perfect knowledge about your niche and this helps you to master your niche.

Share your knowledge with the audience: It also helps the audience who wants to read good and informational content, you have an option to deliver your knowledge to your audience and earn something.

Why you should not start a blog?

Don’t want to create a passive income: Many bloggers are present who earns million in one month and this not excites you to create a blog and earn money you should not start a blog.

No time to write blogs or making efforts: You should not start a blog when you don’t have time to research or write good articles for the content readers. This is a waste of time for you and also for readers who don’t get decent content to read.

This is not a fast process: Blogging is a work of patience, this is not a single day or single month process you have to give at least 6-12 months to make a presence on the web. But after giving your full dedication for 6-12 months you can watch your results in the form of income.

No fixed income: You can earn passive income by blogging but this is not fixed, they don’t give you salary-type income it totally depends on organic visitors to your website. So firstly you have to bring the organic audience to your website and think about any income.

Some important questions

How much money do you need to start a blog?

If you want to start blogging without any investment then you should go for Blogger, but in blogger, you have limited customization, it takes a lot of time to get approval and make money.
But if you want to start blogging with 1000 Rs, then you should increase your budget to 2000–3000 Rs. because in this amount you can able to purchase a decent hosting and domain name.
WordPress is a platform where you can customize your website according to your needs and content.How much time does it take to earn money for new bloggers?

According to me you have to give your 6 months full time to get the desired results, it may change according to your effort, but at least you need 6-8 months to start earning from blogging.How to start blogging for free?

Blogger is the platform where you can start your blogging journey for free, without investing a single amount.

According to me and some industry experts if you want to scale your blogging platform then the best option is WordPress but if you want to start blogging for a limited time or to learn something then blogger is also a good option for you.

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