What is Keyword Research? How to do Keyword Research for SEO

In this article, you are going to read what is keyword research and how to find the best keyword for your article.

Keyword research is the first step of ranking which means if you write an article which no one is going to search on google, your article doesn’t get traffic and doesn’t become popular.

So if you want people to search and land on your article page, keyword research is the most important part.

What is Keyword Research?

In simple words, Keyword Research is the process of discovering Keywords and phrases that everyone uses in search engines to search any query.

You can use those keywords to optimize your article and get a high ranking in search results.

This is a core SEO task that involves identifying popular words and phrases people enter into the search engine.

This process includes choosing a topic for your content that is focused on a set of targeted keywords that you want your content to rank for.

Understand the Keyword intent of Users

The keyword represents the user’s purpose for the search. It means what the user is likely to do when searching for a particular phrase or query.

You have to understand what your article says, is its informational content, Transactional intent, or Navigational Intent.

Now let’s understand in detail what is Transactional, Informational, or Navigational Intent.

The intent is to take some action. (purchase something)The intent is to get information about specific products or anything else.The intent is to find a known or popular Query. (The intent is to research a particular site).
Example: Keyword includes
“Buy a shirt”
“Cheapest Coffee”
Mobile to buy under 5000
Example: Keyword Includes
What is Keyword Research?
What is SEO?
Best Writing Tips
Example: Keyword Includes
Twitter login
Facebook login

Types of keyword intent

Types of Keywords you can use in your article

Short Tail Keyword

1 or 2 Words Long
High Search Volume
High Competition
Low Conversion
Example: Mobile phone/Smartphone

Medium Tail Keyword

3 to 5 Words Long
Good Search Volume
Medium Competition
Better Conversion
Example: Mobile phone with 2 GB Ram

Long Tail Keyword

5 to 8 Words Long
Low Search Volume
Lower Competition
Higher Conversion
Example: Mobile Phone with 2 GB Ram Under 7000

Where to use Keyword in Article

SEO has improved too much in 2021, Google has improved their features, algorithms to rank any content in search results. but for beginners, you don’t have many options to rank in google so you have to apply these keywords in the following sectors.

Page Title: Add your keyword in the title of your article, this is the front face of your article, and describe your whole content.

Meta Description: Meta description is the other thing users read in search results to verify your actual content, so try to write your actual content in your meta description.

URL: URL is the exact address of your article so make it readable and easy to understand for the search engines.

Sub-Heading: Subheading describes your article in a clear manner, if you add your keywords in sub-heading in the natural way it gives hint to the search engine that this is a detailed article.

Content: Now the keyword density doesn’t matter for rankings but you can add your keyword within the first 100 words, in conclusion, or anywhere in the content but don’t stuff your main keywords intentionally in the article everywhere.

Images: Add your keyword in some images as alt text to also get a ranking of your images.

Link Anchor Text: You can also use your keyword in the internal and external links of your article.

How to do Keyword research for Blog posts?

Setting up your WordPress site is quite easy but find out the right keywords for your article is a bit complicated.

At the begging of your blogging journey, everyone says that you have to focus on low-volume keywords that rank faster if your site is new.

But the fact is if you can write an amazing and well-detailed article you can also rank on high-volume keywords.

There are different types of tools you can use to find your exact keywords, most of them are paid tools but there are also some free tools you can use to start your journey in blogging.

Paid Tools: Their basic plan starts with

You can also try their 7-day free trial to understand how they work and how it is useful for your blog.

There are also some free resources you can use to do keyword research.

  • Yu can also use Google suggestions like your keywords
  • Use Google keyword planner
  • You can also use free chrome extension like ubersuggest, seoquake, SEOminion and etc.
  • You can use Ubersuggest tool by Neil patel, a freemium tool which gives you 3 daily searches for free.

I will recommend you to use the Ubersuggest tool because you can get maximum details about your target keyword for free of cost and also you can purchase their tool for 120$ for a lifetime with all future updates which is 90% cheaper than the above two tools.

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