What is MicroBlogging? Blogging vs MicroBlogging

Today you are going to read about what is Microblogging and how it is different from traditional blogging.

This is none other than sharing the long blogs (1500-3000 words) into short summaries, which becomes easy to read and understand the content.

It can also be in form of an Image post, Carousel Post, caption post and etc.

Micro-Blogging is a little different from traditional blogs where you have to only share short blogs (Summary), audio guides, short videos, or any short kind of information, instead of long detailed blogs of 2k-3k words.

Now readers have the advantage to read the kind of information they want, not everything about that topic.

For example: if a reader wants to know what is bitcoin? They don’t want to know about their history so why did he read about the history of bitcoin, they only want a blog that gives him full information about what is bitcoin not their history.

What is Microblogging?

Since the trend of social media platforms, it has become the trend of short informational guides in form of posts, carousel posts or short guides are some of the most trending methods to gain information about anything without reading long paragraphs.

It becomes more popular than any other informational content like video or blogs.

This got instant attention from the audience you will be able to convey your message to the readers directly.

The most popular platforms for micro-blogging are Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit, and Instagram

All the platforms mentioned above are the most popular platforms for entertainment as well as for knowledge.

Best Social Platforms for MicroBlogging

This is a well-known platform used for sharing information in the form of a summary to readers or viewers.

It has some limitations with the word limit of 280 characters, which you can only use to share main points and a long article.

You can also share videos, image posts, audio and you can retweet someone else tweets to support anyone.

This is a platform mostly used for short blogs, more than anything else, it has more advanced features including more word limit than twitter.

Want to start microblogging to increase your site visibility then you should definitely try Tumblr.

The biggest advantage of Facebook is 2 billion+ active users, which is a very huge audience to start micro-blogging or anything else to spread knowledge.

Facebook allows us to share GIFs, Videos, create groups, create pages, and make your own audience.

The most famous microblogging platform above all platforms.

Linkedin is used to share informational content in the form of videos, long or short blog posts, images, etc, Linkedin is mainly used for sharing informational content.

In LinkedIn there are lots of business managers or other managing authorities are present to share their views.

Reddit is a network of communication where people can dive into their interests, hobbies, and passions. This is the Tagline of Reddit.

it is a network of more than 100,000 communities where you can easily find your community and join them to take the information you want.

You can’t do micro-blogging on Instagram directly, because this is a photo-sharing platform, and you need to make content in the form of Images, carousel posts, or short videos.

Every message published on insta will be in associated with images or videos only, written content is not in trend or famous on Instagram.

Advantages of MicroBlogging

Easy to Start: Traditional blogging needs more resources like hosting, domain, themes, and of course lots of knowledge to handle your sit.

But Microblogging is an instant way to start through your favorite social platforms by sign up on that platform.

Mobile-Friendly: Social platforms are mostly used in smartphones and approx more than 3 billion peoples use social media, so it becomes easy to start and increase your presence by microblogging.

Traditional blogging needs a desktop to write and publish long articles or other content and the visibility of your content is totally depends on organic traffic by SEO.

Immediate response: In traditional blogs, it usually takes a minimum of 4-7 days to rank a specific content but for microblogs, social media are the best platforms to reach your audience within few hours.

Save your Time: In comparison with traditional blogs, it is less time-consuming than the traditional method.

You just need to research a specific topic for your microblog but when you write a long post you need to research more and more to give the deepest knowledge to your audience about that topic.

Difference Between Micro-Blogging and Traditional Blogging

You have already known that the social platforms are best to start your micro-blogging journey with a few clicks.

This process to start microblogging is very easy even you can start without investing a single penny.

But for traditional blogs, you need to invest your time as well as your money for things like hosting, domain, themes, and etc.

Microblogging will be more sort of sharing the messages or sharing the short summary of the long blog post ideas in small windows and also you don’t have to think about your theme.

If you are doing both then you can use both platforms to cross-promotion of your content.

Traditional blogs have the option to monetize your content by using different platforms.

There is no such option in micro-blogging but you can make your own way to monetize your micro-blog.

Micro-blogging and traditional blogging have their own benefits and disadvantages, so you have to decide which platform is best for you.

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