What is Niche in Blogging | How to Find a Blog Niche?

Welcome to edifyclue, you will read about what is a niche, why this is important for content creators, and how you can easily find your topic to start blogging, stay with us if you have any doubts.

If you are planning to start a blog or any type of content for an audience, firstly you have found your ideal audience.

If you are trying to find multiple niche audiences, it’s very hard to manage your content and also your audience.

Niche or topic selection is the prime criteria for any blogger to succeed.

Before choosing any topic you have to know what is niche and understand this word.

What is Niche?

In Simple words, Niche means your area of interest.

It is something you love to read and write, if you don’t have any interest in that topic you can’t go far choosing a such niche.

If you only have decent knowledge in your category but you love to write about that topic, definitely go for it.

According to most experts, you can choose any niche, but a topic you can understand easily helps you explain that topic easily.

Let’s understand with an example:

As in a technology niche, your site blog is only focused to write around technology-related topics only such as:

Technology is a Broad Niche that consists of:

  • What is Internet?
  • How does wifi work?
  • WHat is device networking work?
  • How to connect with wireless devices?

Here all the examples are related to technology. This is called niche blogging.

Types of Niche Blog

There are three types of blogs you can select to start your journey in blogging.

Micro-Niche Blogging

For example, technology Is a broad niche that consists of different subcategories like Android, WindowsNetworkingComputer, and etc.

Choosing a subcategory mentioned above and make a single website is known as Micro-Niche Blogging.

Having a microblogging website attracts a low audience but a potential audience that you can convert into your potential customer.

You only have one problem that you need great topic knowledge about your category because you have to write more and more in-depth content to attract more visitors.

Multi-Niche Blogging

It is something, Where you can write everything that comes to your mind.

This type of website has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages: You will never go out of content ideas, you can gain a large number of visitors to your site,

Disadvantages: You have to write tons of content to rank your site, your visitors can’t become potential customers.

If someone wants to know about blogging, why he/she will subscribe to a newsletter of a website that writes about everything, they will get annoying notifications of unwanted newsletters.

News or Current Affairs Blog

If you plan to start a news or current affairs blog it needs more effort to write articles.

You have to become consistent if you started a news site. It will cost you more effort and hard work to make your site decent popular.

You can’t handle your news site by yourself, you will need a proper team to cover all the trending topics people search for.

It will cost more than your earnings if you are a beginner.

So according to me, You can easily start a Broad or Micro Niche Site that will cost you a little amount of money and you can earn more.

How you can select your Niche

You can easily select your Area of interest from these sources


Medium topic Ideas:

How to Find Content Ideas

Finding content is not a hard problem because You can easily find your content ideas, so let’s see how?

  • Google Search Results
  • Google Related Searches
  • Question Answers Sites like Google Answers, Yahoo answers
  • Quora Is another good option to get content ideas
  • Google Trends


Topic selection is the primary criteria of starting a blog, You can easily find your ideas by using amazon, Flipkart, medium, Ezinearticles and etc. You can check these websites to select your topic.

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