What is Web Hosting | Types, and How to Choose Best Hosting

Hello friends welcome to edifyclue, today we are going to discuss what is web hosting, the types of web hosting, How does Hosting works, and how you can select the best hosting for your website.

let’s discuss all the subpoints in detail, I hope you will love it. before going too far let’s understand:

What is web hosting?

Web hosting and the domain name are the two components of every website you visit. a domain name is the address of the site and a web host is an actual structure.

Web hosting is a type of service that allows us (Individuals or organizations) to start our own website or web page on the internet.

It hosts your website on the internet, it’s like you own a piece of land on the web to make your house, Hosting is just the same as that, you can purchase hosting from the hosting providers and host your website over the internet.

A web host or hosting provider is doing business by providing the best technologies and services over the internet to make your site or webpage easily viewed on the internet.

Servers are some special computers that host your site and their all data.

When anyone wants to check or see your website they just need to type your site URL address or domain into the browser.

When you search your URL or domain name the computer will then connect to your server to show the desired results.

With hosting you also need a domain name that you can buy easily from your hosting service providers.

Types of web Hosting

There are too many different types of hosting are available according to the needs of the consumer, Hosting is a type of storage device which stores your all website data in their storage.

But why hosting plans are different, what is the difference between all plans.

So the difference comes in the form of storage capacity of your website, control, server speed, reliability, and etc. These are some methods why hosting is in different categories.

In this article, you will read about the five different types of hosting you can choose according to your preference.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is also known as beginner hosting, if you don’t know much and plan to start a website for your small business or individual you can definitely go with shared hosting.

This is the cheapest hosting you can purchase from hosting providers.

Shared plans are able to manage a maximum of 25k visitors according to the workload of your server.

This is the perfect entry-level website hosting.

Why shared hosting is cheap?
In shared hosting, all resources are shared among different website owners (For example: If your server has 2 GB of memory and your service providers host 4 different websites on the same hosting, it divides among all users by 512 MB each), because of this, the price is relatively low according to other plans and making them an excellent choice of beginners.

Shared plans are ideal for those who don’t receive much traffic on their website.

Managed WordPress Hosting

According to cminds.com WordPress is used to power approx 40% of the internet and 64 million websites are already using WordPress. Over 400 million people visit WordPress websites every month.

The article you are reading now is also made on WordPress sites, now can understand why hosting providers launch a new type of hosting plan.

It is the same as shared hosting, in terms of plans and features but they added some features that definitely gonna helpful for WordPress users.

WordPress-managed ghosting comes with Pre-configured security measures, you don’t have to set up a firewall or run malware tests like you have to on a simple website.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

Virtual Private Server Hosting is also known as VPS Hosting that allows resources such as RAM and CPU to be dedicated to your account.

This is better than the shared plan, this is for those who want more control but don’t afford a dedicated server.

This is something unique because each website is hosted within its own space on the server, though it stills shares a physical server with others.

VPS can’t handle millions of traffic but it is far better than shared servers and you can try this if you want more control to your site.

VPS are a little expensive than shared but gives you feel and control like dedicated servers, a great option for little advanced users.

Dedicated Server Hosting

It gives more control to the owner to manage their server. Dedicated means only your site, no other sites will be host on your dedicated servers.

It costs more than shared and VPS servers so it is not possible for the beginners as well as intermediate to purchase and use this. You can also say these servers are not for individuals.

These servers are mostly used for multiple site creation by medium and large businesses. Multiple site creation is a smart option when you purchase dedicated servers.

But in addition, a high level of expertise and experience is needed for the installation and management of these servers.

Cloud Hosting

This hosting is one of the latest technology in the hosting world which has great potential to become the best solution for data and hosting storage.

Cloud servers run on virtual software, which means that a single server can produce many virtual servers. This is not in reality

Not having a physical server is an advantage in terms of service, because physical products may cause problems to your site experience but cloud hosting does not depend on physical servers.

I am not focusing on details but cloud serves are expensive as well as more powerful according to other plans.

How does Web Hosting work

In most of the cases, Your website is basically a collection of files and databases that are served up to your website visitors.

Hosting providers will allocate some space for your website and database. When you purchase your preferred servers, you will get login passwords and usernames to access your account admin panel.

Using the admin panel you can make changes to the site, monitor your resources, Install CMS tools like WordPress, and many other things. You can easily manage your site according to your needs if you have the proper knowledge.

If you don’t know much about the Control panel don’t interfere because if anything goes wrong, you will lose your all data.

How to Choose Best Hosting For You

As you can see there are many different options are available to choose from when it comes to hosting. according to me it totally depends on you why you need hosting.

If you wnat to start a personal blog or for any project then go for shared plans. If you want to make a blogging site where you want to publish hundreds and thousands of content material your preference should be VPS servers, that can manage your 100 thousand of traffic easily.

But if you want to drive millions of traffic to your site no matter what are you doing go for dedicated servers. It gives the best user experience for your site visitors.

Cloud hosting is the best of all because if you don’t know how many resources your site use then cloud servers are the best for you. In dedicated servers, the resources are parametrized like (CPU, RAM, HDD) but in the cloud, it can be scaled according to your needs.

Now all things are in front of you, think wisely and choose the best plans for your work. You can also upgrade your plan if you choose the wrong plan so don’t overthink and choose the best one for yourself.

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