WLAN-Wireless Local Area Network, 4 Advantages, Disadvantages

Today, we will tell you about the wireless network, how it is essential in our lives, learn about some of its points like what is wireless local area network, and know about its advantages and disadvantages.

History of WLAN

Norman Abramson, a professor at the University of Hawaii, developed the world’s first wireless technology (ALOHA Net) in 1971. Wireless LANs were very expensive to use in the early days because the initial hardware cost was so high that it was used only as an option.

It was used where the cable seemed almost impossible to reach. Its use began in 1992 and was given the Hiper LAN/1 by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, after which it was used for ATM ATMs from 1996 onwards.

What is WLAN

WLAN stands for Wireless Local Area Network. This network is used to communicate without any physical wire connection, which we call Wireless Local Area Network. We also use this network to communicate with the help of radio and infrared. It is a type of local area network.

We use wireless networks on many devices, such as WiFi and Bluetooth, we can make a LAN connection and use it.
There has been a big problem in this network regarding its security.


One advantage of LAN is that we can put a password in it for security and after that whenever we go to access the internet, it will ask for the password, and only after that we will be able to access the internet.

WLAN devices

As the number of wireless networks increases dramatically, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage. We can use LAN on many such devices. Mobile phone tablet laptop etc. A LAN connection like this is very useful because most of the work today is done online.

Types of WLAN

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has given two main methods of wireless LAN. Infrastructure and Ad-hoc.

Mobile directly uses peer-to-peer mode in the ad-hoc medium. And in infrastructure mode, the mobile uses Wireless Access Point (WAP) server.

So let us know about:-

  • Ad-hoc peer-to-peer
  • Infrastructure.
(Ad-hoc) P2P (peer-to-peer):- 

Peer-to-peer is a network that allows wireless devices to communicate directly and connect. And to connect to this network we need P2P software. P2P software like Bearshare, Limewire, Kazaa, etc.

Peer-to-peer This is a network where the stations communicate peer-to-peer. This is accomplished using the Independent Basic Services Set (IBSS).


Most WiFi networks operate on infrastructure only and wireless clients connect to the network using AWP from laptops and smartphones. AWP is a link on a wired network mostly through an automatic route whereas WAP has a fixed range and serves its customers in a limited area.

WLAN Architecture

Some points of WLAN Architecture are given below:-

  • Stations
  • Basic Service Set (BSS)
  • Distribution system
  • Access point
  • Bridge 
  • Endpoint

A station is a component connected to a network wirelessly. These are access points or endpoints each of which is identified by a unique network address.

Basic Service Set (BSS):- 

BSS is a group of networked stations. A group of stations on a temporary network is called an independent BSS (IBSS). A BSS group that connects multiple access points to a network is called an Extension Service Group (ESS).

Distribution system:- 

The distribution system connects to the access point in the ESS. The connection can be wired or wireless. Wireless Distribution Systems (WDS) may use mesh networks or their own WDS protocol. Fixed wireless is a specialized form of radio broadcasting used to connect geographically distant locations.

Access point:- 

A gateway is a base station that acts as a hub to connect to other sites. Access refers to network sites but can also refer to Internet access as many routers are copied from Internet modems. ESS access points can be connected via Ethernet cable or wirelessly.


The bridge is used to connect a WLAN to a LAN or to an access point.


An endpoint is an end-user station for computers, mobile devices, printers, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and more.

Advantages of Wireless LAN

Some benefits are given below:-

  • Wireless LAN helps us to operate many types of network devices.
  • Setting up this network is very easy and it can also be setup via cable.
  • It is easier to use wireless network than wire network because there is no problem of wire in it.
  • Now the use of wireless LAN has increased everywhere, because it is mostly everywhere such as home, office and mall etc.

Disadvantages of Wireless LAN

Some Disadvantages are given below:-

  • This network is more vulnerable to hackers because it is easy to hack the LAN, so it becomes necessary for us to put a difficult password in it.
  • Wireless interference can impair its speed and stability.
  • We need another network device like (repeater) to enlarge its network area.
  • Many devices are found more costly.

How to connect to WLAN

The LAN connection works with multiple devices using a wireless transmitter. You don’t need cables in wireless networks but in many places, you do need them.

WiFi networks can be used in two modes: Ad-hoc and infrastructure.

In Adhoc wifi, no equipment is used this network is only used to establish a temporary connection. WiFi infrastructure uses centralized LAN devices called wireless access points (APs).

It uses multiple access points to connect multiple LANs. You can combine multiple wires to connect to a LAN. In many technical applications such as school-college when there is a programming event, you can also connect wires to create a better connection so that more people can use the local network.

There are also many access points which are used to run the internet on laptops etc. You can also connect 2-3 systems to play computer games via LAN. For example, we joined the same team connected to a LAN, played games like Counter-Strike, and used it in many other types of games.


I hope you have understood all the points explained in this blog. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this article, then you can write them in the comment below.

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